“Gary” vegan cheese

Somehow I missed this very funny story from 2016. A few months ago a woman had a rant about Sainsbury’s new vegan cheese on Facebook. In it she suggests “Gary” as a possible name for vegan cheese. Here’s the full rant:


Sainsbury’s responded with this:

Someone at Sainsbury’s has a sense of humour. It has certainly generated a lot of publicity for them.

It prompted me to buy some and I did a taste-test today. I bought the Wensleydale-style with cranberries.



It’s really tasty. The texture is creamy but not mushy. It’s slightly crumbly and with a tangy bite. Yum!

The sale of vegan food items have skyrocketed with a 1500% increase in the past year. It is becoming much easier to buy vegan things at mainstream supermarkets which is great news for me.

I’m not sure what people find upsetting about this. The Facebook rant which prompted the Gary jokes reminds me of those who have an irrational dislike of cyclists. I just want to reduce my impact on the environment and be kind to animals. Why does that send some people into such a rage?