How to argue with a vegan

I thought I’d do a part two of my “making fun of vegans” post from the other week. I like having my views challenged and engaging in difficult discussions about ethical issues. What I don’t like are the inane and often offensive statements people make. I’m referring to people who lick their lips and claim to love the taste of animals or even pretend to take a bite out of a cow. They are making a pretty distasteful argument to someone who respects the principle of equality and views these creatures as sentient beings with interests of their own. Imagine if a rapist used as his argument,“But rape is so enjoyable! I just love it so I’m going to rape as many women as I can”. I think most people would agree that this is a pretty distasteful thing to say and not a very convincing argument either.

When I argue in favour of abortion I use what are, to my mind, reasonable and logical arguments. I don’t make fun of people who object to abortion and I understand that they come from a place of compassion, even though I disagree with their conclusion. Next time you want to tell a vegetarian how yummy cows are think twice about it. What you can do instead is make an argument based on logic and reason for why the lives of these animals don’t matter and why you think the principle of equality should apply only to humans.

2 thoughts on “How to argue with a vegan”

  1. I respect vegetarians and vegans for their graceful ethic choice they are able to follow.
    I love meat and honestly I am not sure whether one day I’ll be able to quit eating meat or not, and I deeply respect whoever has tried meat in their life, liked it a lot and then decided not to have meat anymore. That’s serious commitment and I think people should just stop judging other people’s choices if they don’t agree.
    It’s nice to have ideas exchanges but when some lines get crossed it’s just useless for both parts.

    1. It’s weird though innit.. You’re happy to have a living creature killed because you like the taste. Isn’t that gross, when you think about it?

      Pure unadulterated greed. The life of a living creature, because you like how it tastes.

      I mean, what if, like Rachel suggested (rapist analogy), I liked killing babies? Babies are just as clueless as cows are about where they’re at in the world, they’re pretty fearless because they don’t understand it, but can feel pain – like a cow can. But we have decided that we are more important than any other species. Because we can? Because we’re that disgusting?

      Thousands of years ago humans ate meat to survive, as there was not a lot else around. They’d be running and hunting and doing a lot of heavy lifting, so required it. Then continued to do so, as rich white men enjoyed killing shit because (we can only assume) of their tiny penises, and still now humans still eat meat.. It’s like we’ve evolved so much, but this weird greedy habit, we can’t shake? And it’s no more instinctive than it is to not be in a plane or car or use a computer. But we’re super cool with that. We can adapt when it suits our needs, but not the needs of another species. It’s just strange

      I know this seems like I’m preaching at you, but its hard not to.. You know? Like once you’ve heard something, you can’t unhear it. I used to eat meat, then I heard someone talk about it. And watched that bonkers documentary.

      Sorry if this seems like a debate you’re not interested in, but thats essentially the problem. People shut their ears because it’s too close to the bone.

      Pun absolutely intended.

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