Carnage: a mockumentary

I just watched Carnage, a comedic documentary set in the year 2067 when the whole world is vegan and reflecting back on their horrific, meat-eating past. There’s something in this for all diets because I really enjoyed it as did my meat-eating family. I didn’t specifically intend for the kids to watch it but Daniel was very interested and laughed out loud several times. There’s one bit where the meat industry creates a TV show called “Mike’s meat house” – a fun house for kids – to try to rekindle their failing industry. Kids have to beat up the vegan which involves battering a poster of an attractive, young, blonde woman. I’m making this sound pretty dreadful (this is why I’m not a writer by trade) but it was funny.

Throughout the film is an alcoholics anonymous group but for former meat-eaters instead of alcoholics. They reflect on their meat-eating lives as they try to accept their past. The film gives a chronological account of the growth of veganism and how prior to 2020, vegans were mostly embarrassing, self-righteous, and slightly annoying people which is probably true – for all other vegans except for me 😉

Is there any truth to the film? Yes and no. I don’t think the world will be vegan in 2067 or ever for that matter. However I do think there will come a time when we reflect with horror and shame on how we treat animals today, in much the same way as we view slavery now. There’s a never-ending list of reasons to stop eating animals ranging from health, to environmental, to animal welfare and yet for most people something as trivial as taste trumps all these other serious concerns. Even if you’re not interested in any of these issues, the movie also has some gratuitous nudity in the form of penises, and it’s worth watching just for that.

Here’s the trailer:


You can watch it on iPlayer:


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