This Beautiful Creature Must die

We’re all addicted to the new 80s-themed Peta computer game to which The Smiths have lent their 1980s song, Meat is Murder. It’s quite retro with 8-bit audio and pixelated graphics and it’s also very addictive. The song grates on your nerves after a while though. Daniel is the reigning champion with a score of 234. My best is 123.

I used to listen to The Smiths when I was teenager. Not so much because I was a fan but because I liked a boy who liked them. I even have one of Morrissey’s albums, Vauxhall and I. It’s actually quite good and not as dark as some of his other stuff. Apparently the lyrics to some of his songs have become the subject of academic study.

Morrissey has long been an advocate of animal rights. The idea of animal rights might seem strange at first but if we consider that the principle of equality does not depend on biological characteristics like race or sex it follows that it should not depend on the biological characteristic of species either. When we draw the boundary of equality to include our species and ours alone, we are guilty of speciesism.

4 thoughts on “This Beautiful Creature Must die”

  1. I can’t comment on the computer game.

    However, I agree with your comments about animal rights. I think if people actually spent several months interacting with the specific animals they were going to eat and had to kill them as well, I doubt many would be able to do it.

    People are just used to a very sanitised presentation of their meat, eggs and dairy foods, and understandably don’t think of the appalling suffering that contributes to those meals.

    Humans can get by without meat and other animal foods. It’s just dreadful that we believe we have the right to make animals’ lives a misery and subject them to hell just for the sake of our taste buds.

    Now, off the soapbox go I. 🙂

    1. Yes, “for the sake of our taste buds” is the key point here. It’s so easy to end the suffering of billions of creatures – just stop eating them. And yet we continue. I don’t really understand that mindset either.

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