Ode to a Vegetarian Haggis

Fossilcycle posted this wonderful poem to the comments on my post about vegetarian haggis. It’s a re-writing of a Robert Burns poem and I liked it so much I thought it deserved its own post.

Ode To A Vegetarian Haggis
Tim Dalling January 1993

Oh vegetarian haggis whit a view
Thou glorious, steaming bag of veggie goo
No one could ever say that you
Dish death to beasts,
Not a single murdered chicken, pig or coo
Taints your braw feasts.

But noble pud you must ignore the taunting bores
From meaty Caledonia’s shores,
The moaning bloody carnivores
Who think you need
To slaughter sheep in scores
To have good feed.

Thy beauteous form can satisfy
The keenest neb or mouth or eye,
Wi’ as braw’ a meal as ane could buy
Pulse, veg and spice
And ev’n sheep eaters that dare to try
Say Oh it’s nice!

So stuff the purists and their cries of sin
Let’s split this pudding, serve and shovel it in,
And what the hell if it’s wee skin
A humble plastic bag is.
Let’s drink a toast and we’ll begin
The vegetarian haggis.

8 Replies to “Ode to a Vegetarian Haggis”

  1. I had never heard or Haggis before reading your blog. Just another word and bit of info.
    With the ode Haggis is now forever etched in my mind. I don’t know whether that is 🙂 or 😦

  2. All you need now is a vegetarian bag pipe with ear muffs and a parade around your living room and you have a tradition. Yay, I mean Aye 🙂

  3. A very clever poet is Fossilcycle. I like Graham’s bagpipes and ear muffs idea. A very fitting scene setter for a meal of the good ol’ Vhaggis! 🙂

    1. The poem was actually written by Tim Dalling but Fossilcycle posted it to the comments on my blog so he definitely has good taste in poetry :)+

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