Weekday vegetarianism

I saw this TED talk today about being a weekday vegetarian and thought it was quite good. I know that many people are put off by vegan/vegetarianism because it seems like an impossible task. But it needn’t be done militantly and as Graham Hill makes clear in this video, eating less meat is still beneficial in lots of ways. Here’s what he says:

My footprint is smaller, I’m lessening pollution, I feel better about the animals, I’m even saving money and best of all, I’m healthier, I know that I’m going to live longer and I’ve even a lost a little weight.

4 responses to “Weekday vegetarianism”

  1. I good piece of thinking outside the box producing an encouragement that is not too daunting. I like it. In fact I love it.

    1. Good, I’m glad to hear it. It seems like a simple idea really and certainly easier than maintaining a strict vegetarian diet.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Rachel. Very interesting — especially as I’ve been trying to convert to veganism. It’s difficult for a former omnivore and takes a lot more meal planning.

    1. Good luck! I’m going to start posting some easy vegan recipes which I really like. Maybe there’ll be something there to inspire you.

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