I've been ripping wall paper from a wall in the spare bedroom in our new home. I've never done this before and only began because it had started peeling away already and looked rather unsightly. The wallpaper has come off fairly easily but the backing paper sticks so I spray it with water and then scrape it… Continue reading Wallpaper

A hole in the copper water pipe

The leak was finally fixed fairly late last night. Here it is: There's a nail hole in the copper pipe which supplies hot water to our kitchen sink and dishwasher. The plumbers never showed up yesterday morning; only the gas engineer who fixed the problem the first time but as you can see, he didn't… Continue reading A hole in the copper water pipe

Surviving a haircut and learning to swim

I took Daniel to get a haircut today at the first barber's I came to on our way to swimming. The hairdresser was a short and muscular middle-eastern-looking man with tattoos up and down each arm. It all seemed to be going fairly well except that Daniel kept moving his head. He's not the easiest customer and indeed for… Continue reading Surviving a haircut and learning to swim

People’s Climate March

This is a bit odd. I’m reblogging a post I wrote on someone else’s blog onto my own blog. Is that odd? I think it is 🙂
I sometimes get the privilege of publishing a guest post on the ...and Then There’s Physics blog and this is what I’ve just done. The post is about the upcoming global climate marches planned for this Sunday the 21st of September. There’s a link to a map of events in the post so you can find one in your area.

...and Then There's Physics

I thought I’d temporarily hijack AndThen’s blog to write a quick guest post about the upcoming people’s climate march.

There are going to be a series of climate marches around the world on the 21st of September which is this Sunday. Every significant social movement in history has involved ordinary people marching on the streets. We need to show our politicians that we want action on this issue for our children and our grandchildren.

A film has been produced as a sort of prelude to this march. It is very good and begins with 1968 footage of the Earth from Apollo 8.

Here’s a quote I liked from the film:

It’s not about a few more droughts and a few more storms, it’s about a catastrophic shift in our fragile biosphere that threatens everything we love

You can find an event near you here:

If there isn’t an event…

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Scotland, here we come!

A couple of weeks ago we sent off our visa applications for the UK. They had to be sent to Manilla for processing along with all our passports, including old ones, and original birth certificates for the kids, and our marriage certificate. We also had to have fingerprints and mug shots taken. The applications themselves took… Continue reading Scotland, here we come!

The stay-at-home parent and the working parent

I love my job. It's so fulfilling being able to help people with their websites and most users are profoundly grateful for the support. I also feel privileged to have this little window into their lives: to see what they're writing about and what their interests are. I feel extraordinarily lucky to have this job.… Continue reading The stay-at-home parent and the working parent