My work space

I just got one of those sit/stand desks. I was planning to get myself a desk after moving into our new home because the rental already has a desk and with all of our furniture here + rental house furniture it feels a bit like we’re living in a furniture store. However it’s school holidays at the moment and I’m no longer cycling to and from school twice a day and I was sure I was at risk of developing bed sores from sitting for so long. It was also starting to drive me a bit nuts sitting in a chair hour after hour each day.

Here’s my new desk:


There are supposedly health benefits to using these desks but health benefits aside, there’s also a cool button which lowers and raises the desk, offering hours of entertainment:

11 thoughts on “My work space

  1. Wow, neat, I am also sitting much too much. let us know if you like on a long term.

    I guess the key is to make sure the kids do not play with the buttons while you are working?

    1. I’ll write a review about it in a month or so. I haven’t even done a full day yet as I only got it yesterday. I’m sure there will be periods where I’m too tired to stand and want to sit down.

    1. Thanks. It’ll be even nicer once we move into our new home as I won’t have to share my office with rental house furniture as well. I don’t like things really cluttered.

  2. Yeah, that button feels very entertaining for some reason. I don’t have that desk but I get to play with those buttons once in a while whenever I manage to get my hands on unused standing desks at work. 🙂

    1. I didn’t realise these desks had a button to raise and lower. I thought it was a more painful and manual process to change the height. The button is fantastic.

  3. Hope you enjoy your new desk. Very impressive and tidy as well!!

    We have sit/stand desks at work. I find that if I really need to get my head around something difficult, I need to sit. Otherwise I try to stand as much as possible. I’ve probably lost a few years of life as a result of sitting at work for decades. 😦

  4. I am sitting down way too much with writing and blogging and don’t like it one bit. I go for walks and get up and stretch, but it’s not enough. I’m curious to know what you think of this sit/stand desk Rachel, I am seriously having a re-think…

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