Pedal boats at Duthie Park

The kids have been nagging me to take them on the pedal boats at Duthie Park for some time now. We finally did it this afternoon and it was really nice. The tiny bit of walking we did to get there and back was fraught with difficulty for Daniel who is engaged in an ongoing battle with his socks. We can’t leave our house without Daniel saying, “There’s something wrong with my socks”. I’m not sure whether this is an autism thing or what but somehow the seams near the toe of his socks causeΒ him grief. Can you buy seamless socks? We stopped at least a half a dozen times for him to remove his shoes and readjust his socks but it was all to no avail.

Once we finally made it to the boats it was very nice. The boats are in a very pretty setting and the peddling is good exercise, even for a cyclist.



You can hire these cool bikes at Duthie Park now too:



Some selfies:




Also got this nice photo of the kids this morning: