Sex education in schools

I was rather surprised to read yesterday that there’s no sex education in British schools. I think this should be a compulsory part of the curriculum. I went through school more than 20 years ago now and it was a part of my schooling way back then. And that was 20 years ago and before kids had access to internet pornography. Sadly, internet pornography is providing sex education for most of our young people but it is not indicative of sex in the real world. It is also fairly male-dominated and focused on male satisfaction and pleasure rather than pleasure for both. This is how young boys today learn about sex. I find this really concerning, because while I can make sure my own son learns that pornography is not realistic, my daughter will have this pool of young men as potential partners which really sucks.

As an example of just how shocking the situation is, I watched this Channel 4 documentary about Sex in Class. It films a two-week course on sex education delivered by UN ambassador for sexual health, Goedele Liekens, at a Lancashire school. Here’s what some of the young boys said in the class: consent for sex means consent to ejaculate all over her face; I would dump a girl if she had a hairy fanny; a girl should swallow semen out of respect. The boys all had a very dominating and pornographic view of sex. It was very depressing.

Let me make clear that I don’t object to pornography but there’s no denying that it’s skewing the views that young men have about sex. There needs to be a counterbalance for this. One thing that Goedele Liekens does in the class is to give the boys some homework in the form of shaving their pubic hair everyday for a week to know what it feels like. Hair-free genitals is something that I find quite disturbing and if I’m being entirely honest, gross. There’s something a bit paedophilic about it.

Something else incredibly surprising was how many of the girls did not know the location of their clitoris – 7/10 of them. She gave the girls homework in the form of looking in a mirror to discover their bits. One of the fathers expressed concern about this and didn’t see the point of it. Are you kidding me? All I can say is, I feel sorry for his wife, if he has one.

Apparently the situation in the US is even more dire where, according to a recent John Oliver video, some schools teach abstinence. Apparently it’s even prohibited to provide condom demonstrations in class in Mississippi. All I can can say is, good luck with that! John Oliver’s video is here:

That’s my rant. We’re off to a castle today. Yay!