Scotland, here we come!

A couple of weeks ago we sent off our visa applications for the UK. They had to be sent to Manilla for processing along with all our passports, including old ones, and original birth certificates for the kids, and our marriage certificate. We also had to have fingerprints and mug shots taken. The applications themselves took many, many hours to complete. Ben did most of it. He’s a stickler for details and incredibly thorough. I’ve never met anyone as thorough as Ben.

We’ve just heard word today that they’ve been approved! WOO HOO! We’re moving to Scotland for definite! It seems they’re not bothered by my criminal ancestry, thank goodness. The only negative is that now I’ve got to go surfing in Aberdeen as I can’t let a University physicist outdo me on this one. [Calling surfing sisters – I need lessons] Although I’ll probably be proud just to be a boogie board diva. Submerging oneself in the icy waters of Aberdeen must be enough of an accomplishment as it is. At least there are no sharks.

It’s good timing because we’ve just put our house on the market. The first open home is this weekend. I’ve never seen our house looking so good.

I love my job and I’m so glad that I get to take it with me. I love the autonomy and the responsibility I am given. I get to think for myself. There’s no recipe book of rules I must follow. I can use my judgement and this is important for job satisfaction. My colleagues are an extraordinary bunch of people – diverse and talented. But most of all, I love helping WordPress users. I get to see the wonderful things they’re passionate about and helping people with the things they’re passionate about is very rewarding.

The Scottish referendum happens before we arrive. It’s hard for me to say what I think — well that’s untrue, it’s never hard for me to say what I think. It’s a bit too easy unfortunately — but I don’t really feel I am fully informed of the pros and cons of independence. However my uniformed view and the romantic in me wants the yes vote to win. And I think that if Tony Abbott thinks independence is a bad idea, then it’s probably a good idea. Go YES!