Happy Easter everyone!

My Dad is visiting us for the weekend. Whenever he comes, we seem to end up visiting Bunnings – a mega hardware store – numerous times. Bunnings is Dad’s temple and since I’ve always got a list of jobs for him to do, we end up making numerous trips there. Although so far this weekend we haven’t had to go once, even though Dad has been hard at work fixing things.

My husband, Ben, is very clever and good at lots of things: he’s a world-renowned group theorist, an international chess master, speaks some French and Latin, is a master of crosswords and puzzles, has a deep and soulful singing voice, but he’s no handyman. In fact, he’s a crap handyman (although he did fix our coffee grinder – he made me write this). I’m the handyman in our household. When I first met Ben and moved into his apartment, I woke up one morning to find the smoke alarm on the floor outside our kitchen. It had been sticky-taped to the ceiling! Sticky-taped!!! I offered to affix it properly for him and asked for Ben’s Phillip’s head, to which he replied, “What’s that?”.

NB: This post was published with prior approval from Ben who did not mind me making fun of him. This is a sign of self-assurance which is a very attractive quality in a man. 🙂

Elizabeth, who is four, is sneaky and manipulative. Ok, so I have only myself to blame as I’m sure she’s inherited these qualities from me. This morning when she saw Ben’s Easter egg, she asked him to share it with her. When he asked whether she’d share her Easter egg with him, she said no. So Ben explained that this was unfair and that sharing goes both ways. So she disappeared for a little while then returned with a collection of crayons in a bowl and explained that these were her hot dogs and that she would share them with Ben.

Happy Easter everyone!

16 responses to “Happy Easter everyone!”

  1. You must love your Dad’s visits. 🙂 I’m always significantly impressed by people who can fix or build things. It’s magical. I was amazed, Rachel, when you installed a floating floor in one of your previous homes. You must have learnt that from your Dad.

    I share your Dad’s love of Bunnings. It’s my temple too but because of its plant nursery and gardening section.

    As for Elizabeth’s Easter antics, I’m wondering what her next trick will be when it sinks in that Ben and you can’t be so easily fooled. Crayon hot dogs indeed!

    By the way, Ben deserves a 10/10 for the coffee grinder. Will never forget this clever thing he has done!

    • Elizabeth and Daniel absolutely love Bunnings too but for the playground rather than anything else.

      I’m really not much of a handyman but I do own my own electric drill.

  2. A happy Eastr to you too. 🙂

    I like the the Easter egg story . A delightful story of necesssity/chocolate being the mother of invention, a budding trade envoy and a judicial review. What more could you want (yes alright – but you know what I mean). 😀

    • I’m glad you liked it, Graham. The need for chocolate can inspire creativity it seems. Whenever Elizabeth makes a wish it’s always for chocolate!

  3. It’s like my dad is a civil engineer and there was always stuff broken around the house when I was growing up waiting (and waiting, and waiting…) to be fixed. Now they are in their sixties though, they employ handymen.

    I think Ben is too busy thinking chessy thoughts and concepts for fixing things to cross his planes of thought.

  4. Great post Rachel! Sorry I’ve missed a few here, just catching up now after spending the Easter weekend with my family, as I see you have too! My hubby is just the same as yours, not the best handyman but he does what he can! Also, I agree totally, self-assurance is indeed a very attractive quality in a man 🙂
    Laughed out loud at Elizabeth’s ‘game’. She will go far in life, lol 😉
    Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Rachel 🙂

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