Soul Bar

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids swimming and when we returned to Busby afterwards I discovered I had forgotten to chain him up! He was sitting there without a lock for at least 45 minutes but thankfully, no-one stole him. Perhaps it’s just as a friend of mine said, “No-one can steal Busby because everyone in Aberdeen knows he belongs to you”.

Afterwards we went for dinner at Soul Bar which is a converted church. Lots of churches in Aberdeen have been converted into restaurants, pubs, and even residential housing. It was really nice. I took a couple of terrible photos. They’re terrible because it was too dark for a good shot but that just adds to the atmosphere of the place:



There’s even a casino upstairs! I’m amazed they got approval for a casino in a church. Mind you, I don’t have any objections personally. I would have gone up to take some photos but, well, kids. In any case, my photos are crap and I found a good one on the web:

They even had a good selection of meat-free options. We’ll definitely go back.