Soul Bar

Yesterday afternoon I took the kids swimming and when we returned to Busby afterwards I discovered I had forgotten to chain him up! He was sitting there without a lock for at least 45 minutes but thankfully, no-one stole him. Perhaps it’s just as a friend of mine said, “No-one can steal Busby because everyone in Aberdeen knows he belongs to you”.

Afterwards we went for dinner at Soul Bar which is a converted church. Lots of churches in Aberdeen have been converted into restaurants, pubs, and even residential housing. It was really nice. I took a couple of terrible photos. They’re terrible because it was too dark for a good shot but that just adds to the atmosphere of the place:



There’s even a casino upstairs! I’m amazed they got approval for a casino in a church. Mind you, I don’t have any objections personally. I would have gone up to take some photos but, well, kids. In any case, my photos are crap and I found a good one on the web:

They even had a good selection of meat-free options. We’ll definitely go back.

11 thoughts on “Soul Bar”

  1. Hi Rachel, I have no idea why but I’ve had to re-follow you. I’m slow to getting back to visiting blogs and trying to get back into the swing of things, and haven’t been getting notification of posts either. I emailed you via your contact page, I hope it went through…
    Great to see you still out and about with your family, and so glad that Busby didn’t get stolen, phew! Your friend’s comment is very true! The Soul Bar looks like a great place to hang out 🙂

    1. Hi Sherri, good to see you again! I got your email and have replied 🙂

      I would have been very sad to have lost Busby. I’m glad no-one pinched him.

      1. Thank you so much Rachel! I’ve just replied. You’re an absolute star ⭐ And again, apologies for the unfollow…totally not on my part. I don’t know why that happens. It’s great catching up with you again, I do enjoy reading about all your adventures. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  2. The stained glass looks good in your photos, you can still appreciate the lovely colour from them.
    Isn’t it frustrating with low light pictures? My daughter has my old iPhone 4 and is sad she can’t get good photos in all situations. It makes me wonder about pro bloggers and whether the equipment they need doesn’t sometimes cancel out their earnings.

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