I’ve been ripping wall paper from a wall in the spare bedroom in our new home. I’ve never done this before and only began because it had started peeling away already and looked rather unsightly. The wallpaper has come off fairly easily but the backing paper sticks so I spray it with water and then scrape it off. This is easy but time-consuming. The strange thing is that beneath the wall paper is something that looks like cement or render. It’s not gib or plaster or anything like that. It’s also the exterior wall of the house which, on the outside surface, is granite. Anyone know what this might be? The house was built in 1904. Here’s a photo of the surface with some of the backing paper still stuck to it on the right side of the picture.


When we were in Edinburgh we walked past this school:


I took a photo of it because, well, look at it! It looks like a castle! It’s a private or independent school called George Heriot’s School. I looked up their fees and they go from £7000 – £11,000/year. What a waste of money! The state-funded schools here are terrific and completely free. They’re better than terrific. I can’t fault the school my kids go to in any way. They’re also diverse and diversity is something which I think is probably lacking at schools such as this one. So yes, if you want your kids to make friends with lots of little spoilt brats then you might need to spend £11,000.

I took this photo on the train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen as we crossed the River Tay. The train journey between Edinburgh and Aberdeen is lovely.