A letter for the Queen

Elizabeth drew a picture for the Queen and wants me to post it to her. We are not exactly Monarchists. In fact, I'm pretty apathetic about it all and couldn't care less whether Kate has had a haircut or wears high street clothing. If she ever cycles her kids around in a cargo bike then I'll take… Continue reading A letter for the Queen

Pocket money and pedal power

Elizabeth wants to earn some pocket money so I told her that if she did some jobs around the house we'd give her some money. I suggested that she make her bed and tidy the bedroom so she disappeared for a little while and then came back and said: Elizabeth: Mum, I made my bed, I… Continue reading Pocket money and pedal power

A NIN is not just for Christmas, it’s for life

Shortly after we arrived in the UK back in early October, I sent away for a National Insurance Number (NIN). I already have one as I worked here over 15 years ago but I couldn't remember what it was so I had to fill in a "I've lost my NIN form" and send it away. They… Continue reading A NIN is not just for Christmas, it’s for life

The Rosetta shirt

I can't resist writing a post about "shirtstorm", the drama about the Rosetta guy and his shirt with cartoons of scantily-clad women. Humans have just landed a robot on a comet! This is an incredible achievement and yet everyone is so obsessed with someone's choice of clothing that we have failed to appreciate the significance of what has just happened. So… Continue reading The Rosetta shirt

I’m still alive!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my post yesterday and the emails, tweets, and text messages. I'm completely fine today. I was just over-reacting which is not so unusual for me. I'm pretty sure the vision loss was migraine-related. I was just confused because it was unlike any kind of vision impairment I've had before… Continue reading I’m still alive!

Funny things my kids say and other stuff

Elizabeth's kindy put on a fundraising disco last night for charity. It was sponsored by local businesses and there were raffle tickets with prizes. Elizabeth got a raffle ticket and won a prize - a huge bag of products from Chelsea sugar. In other words, she won a bag of sugar. How ironic is that, given my… Continue reading Funny things my kids say and other stuff

Fluffy has escaped!

Fluffy escaped. There were tears. There was much searching, but we can't find him. I did manage to get this photo of Elizabeth letting him out of his home for a walk before he disappeared though : I've just come back from a run and it was fabulous. My bike has a flat tyre. I really must learn… Continue reading Fluffy has escaped!

Cross-stitch porn

A Brisbane artist has merged pornography with cross-stitch in a way that has improved both things considerably more than if they were separate. The cross-stitch lends an air of respectability to the pornography while the pornography offsets the fuddy-duddy image of cross stitch. The artist's name is Leah Emery and she explains how she got started in cross-stitch porn… Continue reading Cross-stitch porn

How many times can I embarrass myself in one week?

This morning at 6am I had a job interview; at least I thought I did. My instructions were to be online at 5pm GMT on March 26th. I spent so much time checking and double-checking that 5pm GMT was indeed 6am New Zealand time that it didn't occur to me that 5pm on the 26th… Continue reading How many times can I embarrass myself in one week?

Lilly: long may she rampage and ravage around the universe!

I've just discovered (thanks again to my lovely aunt), the Marmalade files which is a collection of early diplomatic correspondence held at the National Archives of Australia. One tale in particular is very funny so I'm going to transcribe it in its entirety here. This is a true story about an Australian woman called Lilly… Continue reading Lilly: long may she rampage and ravage around the universe!