Funny things my kids say and other stuff

Elizabeth’s kindy put on a fundraising disco last night for charity. It was sponsored by local businesses and there were raffle tickets with prizes. Elizabeth got a raffle ticket and won a prize – a huge bag of products from Chelsea sugar. In other words, she won a bag of sugar. How ironic is that, given my recent posts about Elizabeth’s teeth. We gave it away to a friend.

She’s been just amazing about taking care of her teeth. They were offering popcorn and juice at the disco and she turned down the juice. We probably would have let her have it since it was a one-off special occasion but it was her own decision to say no. I think that’s amazing for a four-year-old. 

This week she said to me: “Do you wish you didn’t have children because we pester you all the time while you’re working?”. Oh dear! The guilt of the working mother. I do spend a great deal of time at my computer but I’ve always done this, even before I started with Automattic. However with my new job, I’m live chatting with users quite a bit and it’s not so easy to just get up and leave the computer when you’re on live chat. I can’t say, “Just one moment while I wipe my daughter’s arse. I’ll help you with the DNS settings for your domain when I get back”. 

Elizabeth is four. She really should be wiping her own arse. I must encourage her to start doing it herself. 

Daniel said to me this morning, “I want you to have another baby”.

To which I replied, “God, no. Why?”. 

Daniel: “So that the new baby will play with Elizabeth”. 

She does pester him to play with her quite a bit and he usually obliges, even when he doesn’t want to. What a nice brother.

13 responses to “Funny things my kids say and other stuff”

  1. Attending a friend’s child’s baptism in a church that had a balcony above the alter where the organist sat. All was very quiet when the organist appeared wearing a cassock type outfit. My four year old cries out in delight “mummy, mummy! There’s God!”

  2. I think for me, it is not so much funny in the usual way as a total glad amazement at how perceptive they can be and how entirely direct. It lifts the spirits and so makes me laugh with joy. Although a bit disconcerting sometimes, there is the sense that what is disconcerting to us is not always so disconcerting to them and so perhaps laugh at ourselves a bit. A sense of humour does tend to burst ones bauble.

    P.S. The new spellchecker on comments has just redlined humour and now it’s redlined the word redlined. Somebody’s avin a laff (redlined both). aaaargh 🙄 Alright it’s not strictly speaking redlining and humour is the English version of Americanised humor, but it suits my purpose. After all who invented the language in the first place. 😀

    • I like how direct kids are and I love the things they come out with.

      Strange. It’s not redlining humour for me. It redlines humor, exactly as it should since that’s the incorrect spelling 🙂 I really should know why this is happening for you but I don’t. Perhaps it’s the language setting on your computer. Does it do the same when you create a new post?

      • Same on a post. Setting for my PC is English (UK) and WP Setting en-English without choice of version.

        It may be dependent upon which server is hosting/providing. UK does seem to become more Americanized / Americanised . NZ not so much and retained the spelling of maximised . Even the Oxford En Dictionary has not. It’s &$%£ Bill Gates doing. Somebody, I can’t remember who, once posted “There’s something wrong with the Internet” . I’m more concerned when there is something wrong with my washing machine. 😀 and 😀

        Not to worry, just a curio.

  3. When our second baby turned up, the first thing our eldest daughter (2 and a half at the time) said ‘Put it back’! I got to play football with my five year old this afternoon after school- It was great fun until I had to go and prepare dinner- Er, who wants to grow up and have all the time in the world to do anything one wants and then find they have so many other banal tasks they need to get done to make a place run safely and well!?

  4. My mom had this…leash…thing for my youngest brother. It looked like a telephone cord stretched between two velcro wristbands. One wristband on mom (or, more often, on big sis) and one on the toddler. I don’t actually remember this, but according to my mother, she attached me to my brother and sent the four of us out to play (I was 8 and youngest brother was 2). She looked out the window to check on us; I was up the hill with my other siblings, sans baby brother. Evidently I’d gotten tired of dragging the old ball-and-chain, because he was at the bottom of the hill…attached to the swing-set.

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