A letter for the Queen

Elizabeth drew a picture for the Queen and wants me to post it to her. We are not exactly Monarchists. In fact, I’m pretty apathetic about it all and couldn’t care less whether Kate has had a haircut or wears high street clothing. If she ever cycles her kids around in a cargo bike then I’ll take some interest but until then she can become a nun for all I care.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, has always been very interested – mostly, I think, because she has the same name. But we named her after my granny who was Elizabeth, and also after my favourite fictional character, Elizabeth Bennet. However, Elizabeth loves that her name is on all the coins and so she drew a picture and wrote a letter which I now have to post to the Queen 🙂


It says:

Dear Queen Elizabeth. I droo this pitcher for you. I am six years old. My name is Elizabeth is well. Love from Elizabeth.

14 Replies to “A letter for the Queen”

  1. Now it was not necessary to translate Elizabeth’s letter. We all can read it perfectly thank you. I think the Queen may well answer. I would if I were her.

    1. It was all her idea to do it. I had nothing to do with it but I’ll post her letter off today.

  2. I’m shocked! Straight back to the colonies with you!! Mind you, if Elizabeth doesn’t get a reply, let me know and I’ll pop round to Buck House and have a word with Her majestyness. Can’t have such effort ignored.

    1. Yeah, that bit is particularly cute. The main thing is that she knew it was “drew” and not “drawed”.

  3. Letters from little girls can be powerful, although I suppose Elizabeth isn’t actually asking for anything from Her Nibs. But who knows, maybe you’ll all get invited to tea at Balmoral this summer!

  4. OT: Oh, jeez, just saw the Beeb. That again. Stay dry!

    1. As far as I’m aware it’s no worse than last week. I wonder why it’s suddenly in all the papers now when it wasn’t hardly reported last week? Maybe there was something more interesting to report last week 🙂

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