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  • Hamster house video tour

    Are the hamster blog posts getting a bit boring? I’m sorry. I’ve just given Bella’s house an extension and I want to give you a tour. Her house now has a third storey with a gym for exercise. Hopefully, this will help her slim down a bit.

  • The tropics of Scotland

    The tropics of Scotland

    I woke up at 2-something last night to go to the toilet, I looked out the window and it was still light! There’s just no dark at the moment which is ridiculous. It’s light when I go to bed, it’s light if I wake up in the middle of the night, and it’s light when […]

  • Happy birthday to Victoria, open again, and a successful competition

    Happy birthday to Victoria, open again, and a successful competition

    It’s Victoria’s 1st birthday today. At least we think it is. She was born on or around the 26th April 2020. Here’s a little video of her having her fur brushed which she loves. It has been more than a week since I posted anything which is unusual for me. Things are looking up for […]

  • Shopping by bike and cat photos

    Shopping by bike and cat photos

    Last weekend I cycled to Nature’s Larder to get some supplies. It’s a wonderful whole foods shop on Holburn Street. What I love about cycling is I can park right outside just a couple of metres from the door. You can’t do this with a car as there’s no on-street parking in this part of […]

  • Yoga cat

    Yoga cat

    Sleeping position today.

  • In the paper, cat news, a kilt in a cargo bike, Foodstory, and zombies

    In the paper, cat news, a kilt in a cargo bike, Foodstory, and zombies

    I’m in The Scottish Daily Record today in an article about the state of cycling in Scotland. This is in response to the tragic death of a young woman in Edinburgh this week. It’s a good article that got a full double page spread and my photo spans from top to bottom of the paper! […]

  • The cold-blooded killer

    The cold-blooded killer

    We took the cold-blooded killer with us on our holiday to Aviemore last weekend. It’s the first time she’s been away with us so we were a little concerned about how it might go but it turned out brilliantly. She seemed to enjoy exploring all the nooks and crannies in a new house. We even […]

  • Crochet, cat, courses, and hair cuts

    Crochet, cat, courses, and hair cuts

    I’ve spent most of my Sunday crocheting. I didn’t get to the allotment this weekend which means it’s going to be full of weeds next weekend. I find it hard to stay on top of the weeds at this time of year. But here’s what I did with my crochet hook. It will eventually become […]

  • Pets and toilet training

    Pets and toilet training

    Cats are so easy. They come fully toilet-trained, don’t need to be taken for walks, don’t bark, and don’t require entertaining. It has been a long time since I had a cat and after 14 years of my dogs, Freud and Zeki, I had forgotten what is was like. I got Freud and Zeki as […]

  • Fluffy has escaped!

    Fluffy escaped. There were tears. There was much searching, but we can’t find him. I did manage to get this photo of Elizabeth letting him out of his home for a walk before he disappeared though : I’ve just come back from a run and it was fabulous. My bike has a flat tyre. I really must learn […]

  • Meet fluffy

    Elizabeth has acquired a pet. She’s called him fluffy and given him some food and a blanket. She tried to give him some toys as well but fortunately I managed to talk her out of that. Fluffy is a cockroach. Here he is, in his home: