Hamster house video tour

Are the hamster blog posts getting a bit boring? I’m sorry. I’ve just given Bella’s house an extension and I want to give you a tour. Her house now has a third storey with a gym for exercise. Hopefully, this will help her slim down a bit.

5 thoughts on “Hamster house video tour”

    1. It’s reasonably warm in our house but I’m not sure what it was like before she came to us. I just assumed she was a bit fat because her enclosure was so little and she didn’t get much exercise but I could be wrong. I’m not feeding her any less or anything. But she has more space now and a big wheel to exercise on.

  1. I can’t believe how small the original homes are?? It reminds me of a cardboard box castle contraption I made when I was 7 to shoot counters and things from top to bottom. I used to wish I could live inside the castle so this is like more than a dream come true for Bella. I’m sure it will be very good for her to have so much more space and interest.

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