Shopping by bike and cat photos

Last weekend I cycled to Nature’s Larder to get some supplies. It’s a wonderful whole foods shop on Holburn Street. What I love about cycling is I can park right outside just a couple of metres from the door. You can’t do this with a car as there’s no on-street parking in this part of Holburn Street. With a basket and bike panniers I can also carry lots of shopping. It’s much easier to carry a heavy load by bike than on foot.

The avocado tree I grew from seed is now taller than me. I’ve moved it to my office as it was on the bench in the kitchen and getting close to the ceiling. It’s wonderful. I think I might grow another. Not bad for what is essentially a free plant. Victoria likes it.

Victoria has been helping Ben by proof-reading his lecture notes.

I think she finds it exhausting.

10 responses to “Shopping by bike and cat photos”

  1. Cats usually get tired quick, for sleeping is their natural modus operandi, but they do like to be entertained and can sit watching others being active:

    1. That is brilliant! Thank you. So funny.

  2. I could read and reread Barnard Cornwell over and over again and swear I’d never read his books before.

    1. I am actually reading the first book here even though I just finished the last book in the series 🙂 I never actually read the first 5 books because I watched the first two TV series before I knew about the books. Then I picked up the books from number 6 where the TV series finished (at that time they hadn’t made 3 and 4). So now I’m going back and reading the first 5 books.

      1. If you think you’re confused, I’m doubly confused after reading your reply. lol

  3. I’ve just bought an avocado, I need to remember to plant the seed. That’s one of the healthiest looking plants I’ve seen.

    1. Don’t plant it straight in the ground. Instead submerge part of it in water and wait for it to send a shoot up like in this post:

  4. Cat’s, eh? It’s morning here, and I’m sitting in bed with my coffee, my laptop, and my cat. For my cat to get from one side of the bed to the other, the ONLY path available for him to take is across my laptop 🙂

    1. I realise I forgot to reply to this but it did make me laugh! This is so true.

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