In the paper, cat news, a kilt in a cargo bike, Foodstory, and zombies

I’m in The Scottish Daily Record today in an article about the state of cycling in Scotland. This is in response to the tragic death of a young woman in Edinburgh this week. It’s a good article that got a full double page spread and my photo spans from top to bottom of the paper!

The photographer came up from Edinburgh to get a photo and also took this terrific one of me and Elizabeth cycling on Deeside Way.

He accidentally stepped in dog poo while we were there and managed to smear it all over the path so eventually we all stepped in it along with all the walkers and joggers who came past.

Poor Victoria was spayed this week. I felt so mean, first starving her overnight and then putting her through a hysterectomy for no fault of her own. I very nearly cancelled the whole operation but I know it’s the right thing to do. She has recovered so quickly and was leaping about the house again within hours of coming home. It’s quite amazing how quickly she’s recovered. It’s a small wound on her flank.

I felt so bad I bought her a toy which is a hit.

We went for a lovely dinner at Foodstory tonight. We’re not allowed to have people in our homes but we can meet people from another household at a restaurant provided our number is not more than 6 (this excludes children under 12). On the way there we met a couple of people with a cargo bike and they let me take this photo. I think the guy with the kilt is wearing it in the traditional way because he was quite concerned with his skirt when climbing in and out of the bike.

Foodstory has an outdoor seating area which is unheated so we took all our winter woollies and it was absolutely fine. We loved it and being outside there was space for the kids to run around. We had the whole outdoor area to ourselves.

One the walk back home I took this photo of a lovely tree.

And then some zombies showed up.

Tomorrow there’ll be a physically distanced ride at Aberdeen beach from 12 – 2pm. If you’re in Aberdeen then please come along.

14 thoughts on “In the paper, cat news, a kilt in a cargo bike, Foodstory, and zombies”

  1. Well done on getting such positive publicity.
    I think I would have been too cold outside, I think your children will definitely grow up into Northern youngsters who are happy to go out at night with no coat. This North/South division has been a British phenomenon ever since I was in my teens.

    1. I have noticed the north/south thing too. There are some funny memes like before a blizzard they tell everyone in England to stay home and put the heating on but everyone in Scotland is instead told to get their big coat 🙂 as long as you have the right clothing i don’t think you should ever feel cold.

  2. Great cat toy! Are cycle helmets not compulsory in Scotland? Is that why there are so many zombies – lol!

    Ok, now I have to tell a Scotsman and kilt joke –
    Lady to Scotsman in a kilt: Is it true that Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts?
    Scotsman: Why don’t you put your hand up there and find oot?
    Lady: Agh – it’s gruesome!
    Scotsman: Aye – and it you keep doing that it’ll grew some more.

    Sorry 🙂

    1. Haha thanks for the joke. No, helmets are not mandatory in the UK or anywhere in Europe. It’s generally accepted that the only way to really make it safer for cyclists is to build infrastructure. I wear an airbag that goes around my neck unless I’m cycling on the bike path which is very safe and I don’t bother.

      1. Cycle helmets have been compulsory in NZ for nearly 27 years, but as Rachel says, it’s decent cycle ways that will really save lives.

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