The cold-blooded killer

We took the cold-blooded killer with us on our holiday to Aviemore last weekend. It’s the first time she’s been away with us so we were a little concerned about how it might go but it turned out brilliantly. She seemed to enjoy exploring all the nooks and crannies in a new house. We even took her for a little stroll outside and she also seemed to enjoy that.

She’s still a bit scared to go outside which is kind of good since we’d prefer to keep her as a house cat anyway. I did let her out on the balcony at the holiday house one time but when a jogger ran past she dashed back inside with fear.

We took a bed with us for her but she never used it, instead sleeping mostly at the foot of Elizabeth’s bed. The only trouble we had was the car drive home during which she yowled for pretty much 2 hours straight. She slept most of the way there but the drive home was during the active hours of her day and she clearly didn’t like being stuck in her carry case. Either that or she didn’t want the holiday to end.

4 thoughts on “The cold-blooded killer”

  1. We take our kitten to the boat and she loves it (but doesn’t like the car ride). I support taking your pet with your family, cold blooded killers and butter biscuits make great travel companions!

      1. Not so much, I keep an eye on her and have a large net handy just in case.. She’s more interested in exploring the dark smelly recesses of the bilge anyway.

  2. I thought at first the Cold Blooded Killer was the robot contraptions with arms sticking out. Then I spotted a kitty inside. I hoped the robot wasn’t getting eaten by it!

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