Protest at NZ High Commission in London

Since the voices of Iranian New Zealand women were suppressed through violence and intimidation in Auckland on the 25th March 2023, I thought I would share a link to a live stream outside the Iranian New Zealand High Commission in London, filmed yesterday, where British women give them a voice. You can watch it here… Continue reading Protest at NZ High Commission in London

Ten years on from Christchurch – February 22nd 2011

It's the tenth anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake today. 185 people died. I have written about my experience of the earthquake on this blog and so to avoid repeating myself I will simply link to that old post - my experience of the Christchurch 2011 earthquake. It changed our lives in so many ways. The… Continue reading Ten years on from Christchurch – February 22nd 2011

Let them be scared

I've been completely absorbed by the earthquake news coming out of New Zealand, like news of the three cows marooned on a tiny island of pasture:   I am amazed by how much damage there is in Wellington given how far away it is from the quake's epicentre - some 400km. I'm equally amazed by how… Continue reading Let them be scared

Another earthquake for Christchurch

Christchurch had another earthquake yesterday; the biggest in quite a while and just another in the earthquake sequence which began on the 4th September 2010. I remember that first one well. It's the reason we now live in Scotland. It was the middle of the night and we were all asleep. The sound is more terrifying… Continue reading Another earthquake for Christchurch

Evolution and adventures

Explaining evolution to kids is harder than you think especially when you're riding a bakfiets at the time and they're firing questions at you from the box in front. It started on the cycle ride home today with, "How come some kids have brown skin?". I tried to explain that humans have evolved to have… Continue reading Evolution and adventures

Winchester “hit” by earthquake

I wonder whether Vinny reads my blog? Vinny, if you're reading this, I'm about to mock the Guardian for an article they've published. Feel free to wade in 🙂 An article in the Guardian today has the headline, Winchester hit by earthquake of 2.9 magnitude. My heart goes out to the people of Hampshire. It… Continue reading Winchester “hit” by earthquake

Congratulations to John Key

New Zealand's centre-right National party won by a landslide last night granting a third term to John Key. This is apparently an unprecedented result because often support starts to wane for a leader by the third term but he has more support now than in the previous election. I did not vote for him. I… Continue reading Congratulations to John Key

Larnach Castle, Dunedin

We couldn't leave Dunedin before making a trip to Larnach Castle. It's touted as the only castle in New Zealand but whether it really is a castle is probably debatable. It was built by a merchant baron and politician, William Larnach, in 1871. It's on a prominent spot and has battlements and turrets but lots of… Continue reading Larnach Castle, Dunedin

Hot Air: New Zealand climate change documentary

Another day, another climate change documentary. This one follows the story of New Zealand's climate change negotiations which were first born back in 1989. Since then, like in most other places, New Zealand's emissions have grown. However the challenges here are slightly different to those in other nations as renewable power already makes up more than half of the domestic… Continue reading Hot Air: New Zealand climate change documentary

A funny letter to DFAT

My aunt sent me this funny letter which was apparently sent to the Australian DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) office about a passport application. I have since discovered that there are British and American versions of this letter as well. I can't comment on the process in Britain or America but I can… Continue reading A funny letter to DFAT

An open letter to Gerry Brownlee

We will be leaving the UK at the end of this month and so I have started to think about what my life will be like back in Auckland. The biggest change will be the shift from a commuter-cycling lifestyle here over to a car-dependent one in Auckland. But does it have to be this… Continue reading An open letter to Gerry Brownlee

State schooling in the UK

I thought I would write about my experiences with the UK state schooling system now that Daniel has been at school here for a good three months. Note that my experience relates to just one school in the UK which may or may not be representative of others but I think it's still worth talking… Continue reading State schooling in the UK

More earthquakes for the shaky isles

New Zealand is living up to its namesake - the shaky isles - with a string of earthquakes over the past few days. The biggest was a magnitude 6.5 this afternoon in Cook Strait, the channel of water between the North and South Islands. The location of the earthquake was 17km deep and about 50km… Continue reading More earthquakes for the shaky isles

New Zealand legalises gay marriage

On April 17th, 2013, New Zealand parliament cheered in song with the passing of a law which allows homosexuals to marry their partners. This is a fabulous outcome and a celebration of love and the tradition of proclaiming our love for one person through marriage. If two people wish to engage in a mutually consensual… Continue reading New Zealand legalises gay marriage