Larnach Castle, Dunedin

We couldn’t leave Dunedin before making a trip to Larnach Castle. It’s touted as the only castle in New Zealand but whether it really is a castle is probably debatable. It was built by a merchant baron and politician, William Larnach, in 1871. It’s on a prominent spot and has battlements and turrets but lots of other things are missing like the castle keep and the motte and it’s not exactly a fortified residence for a noble lord. But this is all just academic because it’s a wonderful place to visit, castle or not: the views are splendid, the gardens magnificent, and the castle itself unusual and interesting to look at.

I love the South Island of New Zealand. It is so wonderful to be back down here. The scenery is very different to the landscapes in the North Island and much more to my liking. But we must away shortly. Farewell, Dunedin.