Newsflash: I watched the rugby! Well, some of it anyway. I don’t usually take any notice of these high-profile sporting events but my mum and step-father (Doug) arrived yesterday and I discovered that New Zealand were playing Australia in the final of the world cup. Ben decided not to tell me about this (he says he assumed I already knew like all the rest of the world but I secretly think it’s because he didn’t want me looking smug if Australia had won).

At one point during the game I asked who won last time and Ben and Doug gave me a look of incredulity. It turns out it was New Zealand and I was living in New Zealand at the time and suddenly memories of the world cup and Auckland came flooding back. I was about as interested back then as I am now which is not very much at all.

The game tonight was mildly entertaining. You’d think lots of  young men in tight shorts would be enough of a drawcard but footballers have never appealed to me, although I have to acknowledge that Dan Carter is pretty hot. During the game itself they seem to spend a lot of time with their heads in each other’s bottoms and then piled up on top of each other on the grass. It’s a wonder they don’t all have brain damage.

Congratulations to New Zealand. I probably would have preferred Australia win but I don’t really mind. Apparently the New Zealand economy declines when they lose games like these so it’s probably just as well they won 🙂