Hot Air: New Zealand climate change documentary

Another day, another climate change documentary. This one follows the story of New Zealand’s climate change negotiations which were first born back in 1989. Since then, like in most other places, New Zealand’s emissions have grown. However the challenges here are slightly different to those in other nations as renewable power already makes up more than half of the domestic power supply. The main contribution to emissions comes from agriculture, particularly dairy. New Zealand supplies about 40% of the world trade in dairy products.

As someone who doesn’t consume dairy products at all it’s very easy for me to say “Ban all the cows!” but I understand that New Zealand needs to sell something to overseas markets to pay for all the stuff it buys from overseas markets. At the moment though, it’s pretty much a banana republic, so what’s the solution?

Back in 2003 a fart tax was proposed which was supposed to put a levy on all livestock for their methane emissions. It was very unpopular and abandoned. Since then, the dairy industry has grown considerably. Even without the climate change problem, New Zealand needs to diversify. It can’t continue with a one-product shop. Perhaps someone needs to start an edible insect industry here? We have the bugs for it:


Here’s a trailer of the documentary, Hot Air. (h/t HotTopic)