Magnificent Dunedin

We’re in Dunedin for a few days: my favourite New Zealand city. Dunedin is right at the bottom of the South Island while Auckland is right at the top of the North Island.

It’s a lovely city: small, fairly compact for the Antipodes, magnificent views from most parts, and in my view, it’s the most classless and egalitarian of all New Zealand cities.

The city was very wealthy a hundred or so years ago from rich gold deposits in Central Otago. Lots of lovely architecture was built at this time and because the city has been relatively poor ever since, it was fortunate enough to miss out on the ugly 60s and 70s construction – simply because there was no money here to build during this period. So there’s still all the old magnificent architecture but none of the more ugly modern stuff.

I’m going to be working the whole time we’re here so I’m not sure that I’ll have the chance to get out and photograph the lovely architecture but I’ll try. However I did go for a run this afternoon and stopped to take this photo of the view: