Inside Hoss and guns

Elizabeth and I had an appointment this morning which I cycled to on Hoss. We were a little early and it was cold so I hopped inside Hoss with Elizabeth because it’s cosy and warm in there. We took some photos.


An adult can fit comfortably inside. My head did touch the roof but because the roof is like a tent it didn’t matter.


There was even some space on my own seat.


It’s so satisfying to see Jacinda Arden, the New Zealand prime minister, ban guns less than a week after the Christchurch massacre. It makes you wonder what the United States finds so difficult about it and I don’t buy the “It’s in our Constitution” argument. A Constitution can change. Jacinda Arden is doing exactly what the John Howard government in Australia did in 1996 when they started a gun buyback program after changing the law which rendered many privately owned guns illegal. In the 15 years before the gun buyback scheme there were 13 mass shootings in Australia. In the 23 years since there have been none. Not a single one.


3 thoughts on “Inside Hoss and guns”

  1. Yeah, it was great seeing that response so quickly. FYI, the media here in the US had the same reaction. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is probably the most powerful lobby here, and that is one reason why we are so backwards. The whole constitution argument is so old, and it does not state you need a semi-automatic rifle, or a war-time gun.

    I’m pleading ignorance here … what’s a hoss? All I can find on Google was reference to Hoss on the TV show Bonanza 🙂

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