Winchester “hit” by earthquake

I wonder whether Vinny reads my blog? Vinny, if you’re reading this, I’m about to mock the Guardian for an article they’ve published. Feel free to wade in 🙂

An article in the Guardian today has the headline, Winchester hit by earthquake of 2.9 magnitude. My heart goes out to the people of Hampshire. It must have been a harrowing experience and I’m sure there’s some work to do:


At the bottom of the article is a quote from a police spokesman, “If we find out what it was, we’ll let you know.” Maybe it was Kim Dotcom. Has he moved to Winchester? Ok, I realise it’s a bit mean of me to make fun of someone’s size but I only thought to do it because Kim Dotcom does it himself:

Places don’t get “hit” by 2.9 magnitude earthquakes. It’s like saying “ant stamped on human foot”. More appropriate would be something like “minor shake takes people on Winchester by surprise” or “tiny earthquake felt in Winchester” but perhaps these don’t sound quite as exciting.

New Zealand is “hit” by magnitude 2-3 earthquakes every single day and they never make headline news.  Here’s a list of quakes in New Zealand in the past 24 hours taken from the GeoNet website.


If anything though, the Guardian article is very reassuring for me because earthquakes must be very rare indeed if they feel the need to put a 2.9 quake on the front page.