A beautiful wedding

The four of us beside the River Dee

We went to a friend's wedding yesterday and it was marvellous. Weddings are wonderful things. What's not to like about food, wine, dancing, and funny speeches? But weddings in Scotland are even better because they have ceilidhs. The ceremony was in the winter gardens at Duthie Park which was perfect. Aberdeen put on a beautiful… Continue reading A beautiful wedding

Cross-country skiing on Deeside Way

It snowed a bit more overnight last night and Aberdeen put on a brilliantly crisp and sunny day for us. Rather than going for my usual run around the park I decided to try some cross-country skiing on Deeside Way. A few years ago we all got some cross-country skiing gear from the second-hand sale… Continue reading Cross-country skiing on Deeside Way

New tourist attraction at Duthie Park: carnivorous snowmen

It has been snowing all day today and there's more to come tonight. I feel like I'm living in an alpine ski resort. Elizabeth and I went sledging again during a break today. It's good having kids because that gives me an excuse to sledge. I don't think I could go as an adult alone,… Continue reading New tourist attraction at Duthie Park: carnivorous snowmen

I broke my phone and photos of the autumn colours

My last blog post I wrote and published from my new phone when I was out and about in town. As I walked back home, tragedy struck when I dropped my phone, smashing the screen. I had bought a spigen phone case for it because these had always protected my iPhone very well but they… Continue reading I broke my phone and photos of the autumn colours

Daffodils, jumping shot, and a roundup of the news

I ventured out for some exercise today. Mostly I stay in and just do The Body Coach live streaming in the morning followed by a trampoline bounce in the afternoon. It's a lovely spring day today and the daffodils are in full bloom so it must be time for a jumping shot. Here's a round-up… Continue reading Daffodils, jumping shot, and a roundup of the news

An almost frozen pond at Duthie Park

After a very mild Christmas the temperature has suddenly plunged. There were a few flakes of snow today and the pond at Duthie park is starting to freeze over. It's funny how enthralled the kids are by a bit of ice. It won't be cold enough to freeze the River Dee. I took this photo… Continue reading An almost frozen pond at Duthie Park

Duthie Park in October

This afternoon I told the kids we were going to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner and there was an explosion of complaint. I thought I might have accidentally pulled off their finger nails one-by-one given the level of protest. But I checked their fingernails and they're all still intact. So then I offered an alternative: vegetarian restaurant… Continue reading Duthie Park in October

First-world kid problems, owls, and cargo bikes

This morning I found Daniel sitting on his bed looking very forlorn and crying to himself. I immediately asked him what was wrong and he said, "I can't find a good mod". A mod is an add-on for the computer game, Minecraft. This is definitely a first-world kid problem 🙂 There was an event on… Continue reading First-world kid problems, owls, and cargo bikes

Duthie Park and buying a house

I took this photo of Duthie Park back in April this year just before all the buds on the trees opened up for spring: https://rachelsquirrel.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/img_0165.jpg?w=1020 Today I went for a run through the park and took some more photos. Here's how it looks now: I love watching the plants and trees change with the seasons. Duthie… Continue reading Duthie Park and buying a house

Duthie Park and ice shelves

I took this photo of Duthie Park today. I love watching the plants change as we move deeper into spring. There's about to be an explosion of green there as all the buds on the trees open up probably in the next week or so. Duthie Park is a gorgeous place: great for running, walking,… Continue reading Duthie Park and ice shelves