I broke my phone and photos of the autumn colours

My last blog post I wrote and published from my new phone when I was out and about in town. As I walked back home, tragedy struck when I dropped my phone, smashing the screen. I had bought a spigen phone case for it because these had always protected my iPhone very well but they don’t work for the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. The Samsung has a curved screen that curves outwards and above the edge of the spigen case which means the first thing that touches the ground if you drop your phone is the glass screen and not the spigen case. This is an example of poor design and I should have anticipated this would happen.

I took my phone to a repair shop on Union Street and spent a fortune on a new screen. The replacement screen was more than half the cost of the phone. You can’t buy generic replacements for it so it was a genuine Samsung S10+ screen. On the plus side I can say I’m supporting the local economy and in particular a local business on Union Street. They did a good job and fixed my phone in less than 2 hours. I also bought a replacement case for it that encloses the device entirely within a wallet.

I’m very thankful to have my phone and its amazing camera back to capture the lovely autumn colours of this time of year.

10 thoughts on “I broke my phone and photos of the autumn colours”

  1. What a shame about the case not protecting your phone. I always liked the way Steve Jobs was so obsessed with the design of Apples. But it does look from here that your Samsung is better at taking pictures – even though I have only ever had older iPhones so am not down with the technology, that was what I always heard.

  2. They really are good photos. I have an iPhone6 because I like it’s small size that will go in my pocket and fits better in my hand, but I have to compromise on the camera. IPhone no longer make the iPhone6, though, so one day I’ll probably have to go bigger against my will.

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