First-world kid problems, owls, and cargo bikes

This morning I found Daniel sitting on his bed looking very forlorn and crying to himself. I immediately asked him what was wrong and he said, “I can’t find a good mod”. A mod is an add-on for the computer game, Minecraft. This is definitely a first-world kid problem 🙂

There was an event on at Duthie Park today so we went along to check it out. They had lots of gardening/wildlife/recycling stands and also some owls. The owl in this next photo is apparently Errol from Harry Potter.


Hedwig has retired but they had a Hedwig lookalike:


Elizabeth brought her own Hedwig toy along and he got to meet one of the owls. I don’t think the owl was very impressed.


Then I saw another cargo bike! Yay! This makes three for Aberdeen now (that I know of). They’re definitely breeding. This is a brand I’ve never heard of before: Urban Arrow. It’s an electric bike and it looked very smart. Cargo bikes give street cred to their passengers and the kid in this next pic – who was the passenger – definitely looks as though he’s got street cred 🙂


A fountain at Duthie Park.


That’s all!