First-world kid problems, owls, and cargo bikes

This morning I found Daniel sitting on his bed looking very forlorn and crying to himself. I immediately asked him what was wrong and he said, “I can’t find a good mod”. A mod is an add-on for the computer game, Minecraft. This is definitely a first-world kid problem 🙂

There was an event on at Duthie Park today so we went along to check it out. They had lots of gardening/wildlife/recycling stands and also some owls. The owl in this next photo is apparently Errol from Harry Potter.


Hedwig has retired but they had a Hedwig lookalike:


Elizabeth brought her own Hedwig toy along and he got to meet one of the owls. I don’t think the owl was very impressed.


Then I saw another cargo bike! Yay! This makes three for Aberdeen now (that I know of). They’re definitely breeding. This is a brand I’ve never heard of before: Urban Arrow. It’s an electric bike and it looked very smart. Cargo bikes give street cred to their passengers and the kid in this next pic – who was the passenger – definitely looks as though he’s got street cred 🙂


A fountain at Duthie Park.


That’s all!

19 thoughts on “First-world kid problems, owls, and cargo bikes”

  1. Birds of prey are amazing. Saw some at Center Parcs and their handling was telling us about the jobs they do keeping other birds away from military flight paths, etc.

  2. That bike looks posh.

    Owls look cute.

    Is it because you are blogging from Europe, that annoying cookies pop up every time I visit your blog?

    1. I had the EU cookie widget on my blog that displayed a message to users that this site uses cookies. But it was annoying me too so I’ve decided to remove it.

      1. Yes. They’ve always been there. Every site uses cookies. I was really just testing out the new widget.

  3. What a thrill to meet real owls up close and personal. Amazing birds.

    Impressed by the Urban Arrow bike and the shark’s (?) mouth on the side. Very macho like the kid beside it. 🙂

    Glad you are savvy enough about computers to know what Daniel was talking about when he mentioned the tragedy about the missing good ‘mod’. I suspect you were able to help him out. The only mods I can remember are certain fashionable people from the 60s. Mary Quant popularised mod fashions.

    1. I showed Daniel how to install mods because I was fed up with him asking me to do it all the time. Then he went crazy downloading a dozen mods to try out. It can be a bit hit and miss with mods with some of them not really working properly or crashing the game and I think Daniel got frustrated.

      1. Don’t know about Hedwig, but Hedwig’s doppelganger is absolutely striking!

  4. This may be of interest re Minecraft.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I think strategy board games like chess and go (especially) are better for cognitive development (and maintenance thereof in older demographics). They also allow a lot less screen time, too much of which seems to be a bad thing (I say, sitting in front of my screen). I recall your husband is a good chess player, so Daniel must have had some exposure. How did he respond?

    There does seem to be a go club in Aberdeen, and usually math departments will have some players around. There are a couple simplified go rule sets (capture go is one) that are suitable for young children to start with. They’re much easier to learn than chess, and like go itself allow handicapping so e.g. Daniel and Elizabeth would be able to play and have reasonably equal chances of winning. Then, after some experience with one of those, kids can easily graduate to the “big” game since only a couple added rules are involved (although on the same small 9×9 board to begin with).

    1. Thanks. I’ve never heard of Go and need some things for the kids to do. It’s school holidays here but I’m not on holiday so they need to amuse themselves during the day.

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