New tourist attraction at Duthie Park: carnivorous snowmen

It has been snowing all day today and there’s more to come tonight. I feel like I’m living in an alpine ski resort. Elizabeth and I went sledging again during a break today. It’s good having kids because that gives me an excuse to sledge. I don’t think I could go as an adult alone, could I? You don’t see any adults sledging without children in tow. Why is that?

Here’s Elizabeth having a go. She’s got a really good toboggan that has a steering wheel.

Mine is a round plastic thing we got at a charity shop which is surprisingly good. I really like it. Sometimes it spins you round as you go down like in this video.

Duthie Park has a new tourist attraction: The Giant Snowmen. It’s like an army of snowmen there now and for anyone who has seen the Doctor Who episode with carnivorous snowman it’s almost ominous.

This one is so huge its creator had to stand on another snow ball to reach the top.

This one looks a bit like a chess piece.

And this one, although not as tall, makes up for it in girth.

Every time we visit the park there are more.

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