Duthie Park in October

This afternoon I told the kids we were going to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner and there was an explosion of complaint. I thought I might have accidentally pulled off their finger nails one-by-one given the level of protest. But I checked their fingernails and they’re all still intact. So then I offered an alternative: vegetarian restaurant or my cooking. They chose the former.

We went to Foodstory – my favourite restaurant in Aberdeen and a very popular one too. It’s always busy and reasonably priced. The kids behaved very well and even said the food was better than they were expecting which is a huge compliment.

Here’s my meal:



Daniel reluctantly enjoying his:


Ben’s falafel platter:


The cycle ride home is always one of the best parts of eating out. There’s nothing like stuffing your face and then getting on a bike and burning off all those calories as you power home again. The roads are also quiet by then and it’s a nice ride. I love feeling the wind on my face and in my hair.

Duthie park is looking beautiful right now. It may even be at its very best but then I do love the glistening white of a winter wonderland. Some photos from today.



Here’s Daniel just after I told him about the vegetarian restaurant.


Foodstory have a vegan cheese and wine night every Monday night. Sounds like fun.


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