Moonwalking on ice

One of the ponds at Duthie Park has frozen, partly defrosted, and then refrozen over the past few days to create a strange effect where it looks like there’s chunks of ice floating in the water but actually the entire surface is frozen solid. On our walk today we saw lots of children walking on it. Most parents were too scared. There’s only 10cm of water there so it’s not dangerous.

The next few days will be warmer so it will return to liquid pretty quickly unfortunately. I’ve been hoping it might get cold enough for some ice-skating.

We walked beside the River Dee for a bit and the tide was so low we were able to cross to one of the islands.

The other ponds at Duthie Park are similarly frozen but deeper so best to stay out of them.

We managed to find just enough snow for a snow man. He’s not as good as the one we made in 2018 when the Beast from the East came.

I got this nice photo of Victoria in the garden.

2 thoughts on “Moonwalking on ice”

  1. I would be one of the scared parents. I would fall over straight away (but ironically am sure this is due to being tense and anxious).
    My Dirty Vegan cookbook arrived and I was blown away at how well the sponge recipe worked out! It is a good book and has given me lots of ideas, and then I can pass it on to my friend whose daughter has become a vegan.

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