Cross-country skiing on Deeside Way

It snowed a bit more overnight last night and Aberdeen put on a brilliantly crisp and sunny day for us. Rather than going for my usual run around the park I decided to try some cross-country skiing on Deeside Way.

A few years ago we all got some cross-country skiing gear from the second-hand sale at Huntly Nordic Ski Centre. They have a sale day every year in November where people can come and buy or sell ski gear. We haven’t used our skis very much because snow is a rare resource here. We went once to Clashindarroch Forest which is north west of Aberdeen near the village of Rhynie. It’s supposed to be the best place in Scotland for cross-country skiing but our free weekends never seem to coincide with snow there. Now of course they have the best skiing conditions they’ve had in years and years but none of us can go. The second time we tried our skis was at Duthie Park two years ago when it snowed. This time there’s much more snow which made the Deeside Way walking and cycling path perfect for cross-country skiing.

I skied a fair way along and it was quite exhausting. I wasn’t going fast, perhaps slightly faster than a fast walker. But joggers could overtake me quite easily. I couldn’t convince anyone else in the family to try it. I think they’ve all decided it’s too much like hard work. Cross-country skiing does seem like more of an endurance sport but that could just be me not knowing how to do it properly.

Later in the day Ben and I went back outdoors for some sledging. The kids had already been and so we were in the uncomfortable position of sledging without having children with us. Nevertheless, Ben and I found a terrific new slope near the very bottom playground next to the River Dee. This one usually never has enough snow because the vegetation is often taller here and so we don’t bother with it but this year it’s perfect. There’s so much snow that all the vegetation is completely covered. Some people even built ski bumps.

We’ll show this slope to the kids tomorrow.

This is the third playground down by the River Dee which always looks appealing but is especially so in the snow.

2 thoughts on “Cross-country skiing on Deeside Way”

  1. Like most sports (or perhaps just some), a bit of expertise, literally, goes a long way!! I’m sure that there is plenty of advice online. But, learning some of the basics goes a long way, to making each stride go a lot, lot faster and quicker, it’s not just walking on skis. Best of luck, find some info & go for it!!

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