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  • Thank you, America

    Thank you, America

    The world is heaving a collective sigh of relief today. Thank you, America, for electing Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States. We shouldn’t forget, however, that some 70 million Americans voted for Trump. As Peter Singer writes in Has America Lost its Soul? those 70 million people voted for someone […]

  • Not modern enough

    Elizabeth was providing technical support for Roblox to a friend today. We asked Daniel what she was doing and he replied that we wouldn’t understand because “You’re not as modern as we are“. Daniel created a Minecraft Realm recently and invited several friends to it. One of his friends accidentally created a looping command block […]

  • On Donald Trump and the acquittal

    On Donald Trump and the acquittal

    The news from America that Republicans voted almost overwhelmingly to acquit Donald Trump, although expected, is frightening for us all. It’s sending the message that it’s ok to use your power as a president to try to rig an election. This is the sort of news I’d expect to come out of Mexica or Kenya […]

  • Is Donald Trump right to claim unfairness over Paris?

    There’s a brilliant article from Peter Singer in Project Syndicate this week about Donald Trump’s whinging over the unfairness of the Paris climate agreement. Trump is basically the fat kid who ate 3/4 of the cake and then complained that it’s unfair he didn’t get more while 3 other kids shared the 1/4 remainder between them. […]

  • We must guard even our enemies from oppression

    He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself. Thomas Paine 1795

  • Robert Burns Night and Donald Trump

    It’s Burns night in Scotland today. January 25th is an annual celebration of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. In school the children tasted some Scottish foods and learnt one of his poems off by heart. Daniel has come such a long way since we first moved here. In our first year he protested vehemently about having to learn a […]

  • A letter for Donald Trump from my 9-year-old

    Daniel wrote a letter to Donald Trump. This letter is for Donald Trump. Dear Mr Trump. Can you please give Molly her water back. Please. This part is for Trump’s workers. Why did you listen to Trump and cut off her water and build a road. Why did you do it. Why why why why? […]

  • Some light in the darkness

    Donald Trump has won the election. It’s an understatement to say I’m shocked. The majority have voted for a man who leads by bullying, fear, and intimidation. We can kiss the climate good bye – it was nice knowing you, planet, but we don’t care about future generations after all, it seems. We are impressed by wealth […]

  • You’ve Been Trumped Too

    Here’s the trailer for the You’ve Been Trumped Too documentary about Donald Trump. The full documentary was screened on Facebook on Thursday night after a crowd-sourced funding campaign. I didn’t see it because it was at a time suited for Americans which makes sense since they’re about to decide whether to make this man president […]

  • John Oliver destroys Donald Trump

    Donald Trump (aka Drumpf) is particularly unlikable and so it was very satisfying to watch John Oliver pull him to pieces. I’ve seen and read about his behaviour here in Scotland when he was building his golf course and it was shocking. It’s hard to believe he could potentially become president of the United States. #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

  • What I wore last year

    Last night I lay in bed wondering whether I wore the same outfit to the Christmas dinner this year that I wore last year. Fortunately my fears were quickly allayed by digging up the photo from last year and discovering that my outfit was indeed different. Phew! Sleepless night avoided. #firstworldproblems Elizabeth and I are […]

  • You’ve Been Trumped!

    Here’s my image for day three of the five-day blogging challenge. The image is not mine. It’s the work of artist David McCue and is the poster for the film, You’ve Been Trumped, a documentary about Donald Trump’s development just north of Aberdeen. I bought the DVD online and we watched it last night. I was interested because […]

  • Hunter or bully?

    I saw this photo of Donald Trump’s son this week and want to write about it: There’s nothing more attractive in a man, in my view anyway, than kindness and cleverness. Any man with these traits will send women weak at the knees. Ok, so if men want something more than weak knees they may also need […]