Some light in the darkness

Donald Trump has won the election. It’s an understatement to say I’m shocked. The majority have voted for a man who leads by bullying, fear, and intimidation. We can kiss the climate good bye – it was nice knowing you, planet, but we don’t care about future generations after all, it seems. We are impressed by wealth and power. Just writing this makes me want to puke. So where is the light, you ask? It’s something my son did yesterday that I want to share.

Daniel had an idea to create a rewards system at home to allow him to earn points for good things. He came up with the following chart of things he can earn points for and how many points he gets.


I’m not sure what the “mummy star awards” are. The third item is very funny. It says, “No complaining at food story”. That’s the vegetarian cafe we sometimes go to. The chart is a great success so far – yesterday both children did their homework without me having to ask them. We’ve negotiated a special reward for when they reach 100 points – dinner at Pizza Express 🙂