Hunter or bully?

I saw this photo of Donald Trump’s son this week and want to write about it:

There’s nothing more attractive in a man, in my view anyway, than kindness and cleverness. Any man with these traits will send women weak at the knees. Ok, so if men want something more than weak knees they may also need to pass the t-shirt test, but kindness and cleverness are a good start.

This photo of Donald Trump’s son indicates an embarrassing deficiency of both these qualities. I say embarrassing because presumably he’s had the best education money can buy. And well, money can’t buy you kindness.

I suppose his money may appeal to women who are interested in that kind of thing but I would argue that these are not the sort of women that any self-respecting man would really want to appeal to anyway.

On Twitter, he calls himself a hunter:

I wouldn’t exactly call a privileged plutocrat on a paid-for safari, a hunter. Killing an innocent creature for his own pleasure is something a bully would do.