Hunter or bully?

I saw this photo of Donald Trump’s son this week and want to write about it:

There’s nothing more attractive in a man, in my view anyway, than kindness and cleverness. Any man with these traits will send women weak at the knees. Ok, so if men want something more than weak knees they may also need to pass the t-shirt test, but kindness and cleverness are a good start.

This photo of Donald Trump’s son indicates an embarrassing deficiency of both these qualities. I say embarrassing because presumably he’s had the best education money can buy. And well, money can’t buy you kindness.

I suppose his money may appeal to women who are interested in that kind of thing but I would argue that these are not the sort of women that any self-respecting man would really want to appeal to anyway.

On Twitter, he calls himself a hunter:

I wouldn’t exactly call a privileged plutocrat on a paid-for safari, a hunter. Killing an innocent creature for his own pleasure is something a bully would do.

16 Replies to “Hunter or bully?”

  1. A hunter would be a simple tribesman in a loin cloth chasing down a large elk, armed with nothing more than a bow and arrow and maybe a knife. The animal is killed so the whole tribe can eat and nothing is wasted. The tribesman thanks the animal for its sacrifice.
    The man you show is definitely not a hunter but a barbarian, a coward and a bully.
    Sorry, but I feel very strongly about killing for sport. Leave this man alone One night in the bush – and see what’s left in the morning!

    1. I completely agree with you! I had to control myself when I wrote this so as not to say something I would regret later. I said it out loud in my office instead.

      1. haha I understand – but it’s OK – cos I was writing on Your blog!
        But seriously, the guy looks a complete wimp! And there is nothing ‘manly’ about killing a magnificent Elephant at all.

      2. I don’t usually “like” comments except under special circumstances and this is one of those special circumstances. +1

  2. You can see from his face that he thinks he has done something Manly. Something virile. That’s what is so exceptionally foul about this.

    You will I hope notice and inwardly applaud the enormous restraint that went into the making of this comment.

    1. Fantastic restraint, BBD. I had to do the same thing when I wrote this post. It was, and still is, very challenging.

  3. What’s with the restraint? You’re a bloody Australian! Asking an Aussi to be restrained is like asking my dog not to eat meat!! The man is an arse-wipe of pan-galactic proportions who does know better but can’t be bothered to exercise any sort of self control. It’s like the bloody unspeakable hereabouts who chase down foxes in the name of pest control or maintaining the countryside the way it was. Oh, don’t get me started…. Sorry, Rachel, this is your blog. Delete this is too offensive…

  4. Funny, isn’t it, that mutilating corpses (eg. collecting ears etc) is forbidden to the military on pain of court martial but it’s the done thing to mutilate the corpse of the intelligent, social pachyderm you’ve just shot? While smirking as if your willie had just grown several inches longer.

    If I were a game warden forced to shoot an elephant in the name of sustainable population management I would do it with a sick heart and skip the corpse mutilation and the mighty-hunter posturing once the killing was done.

    1. BBD,
      I so desperately wanted to mention small penis syndrome in my post but thought better of it. Oops, I guess I just mentioned it then 🙂

  5. Eek, what a crappy photo is it! How can people even do that. But again, there are all kinds of people in the world.

    1. Yes, “crappy” is probably a bit of an understatement. I won’t say what words I would honestly use to describe because it might offend some people.

  6. Having caught sight of Trump on that TV programme, it’s clear that he’s a nasty bully too. Funny how you put a few $ signs in front of everything and suddenly, apparently, that’s just doing business. I guess that’s where his son got it from.

    1. I never saw the tv program but I’d quite like to watch it. I didn’t even know he was spreading his excrement all over Scotland.

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