Robert Burns Night and Donald Trump

It’s Burns night in Scotland today. January 25th is an annual celebration of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. In school the children tasted some Scottish foods and learnt one of his poems off by heart. Daniel has come such a long way since we first moved here. In our first year he protested vehemently about having to learn a poem. This year he memorised it with enthusiasm and his recitals are completely way over the top, but in a good way – full of actions and emotion. I think he’s what they’d call an “overactor”. He’s also apparently one of the first to volunteer to stand up in class and recite it.

I’m still in denial about Donald Trump. It’s unbelievable. I would not have believed this possible a year ago. He’s the most unlikely, unsuitable, and unlikable person imaginable for leader of the United States. He lies, he’s divisive, he’s more concerned with image than reality, and he’s intellectually challenged.

I was very disappointed to see Donald Trump and a room full of men preside over a decision which directly negatively affects women’s health and that is the decision to ban funding for international aid groups that provide safe pregnancy terminations for women. Poor women are harmed most by this because wealthy women can travel to a place where abortions are safe and available. The poorest women will be left to make do with dangerous, botched abortions.

I am not religious and do not believe in the sanctity of human life; instead I believe that pain and suffering is wrong and should be avoided as far as possible. A foetus in the early stages of pregnancy does not feel any pain and does not have a right to life. Species membership is a biological classification and is not a moral or ethical boundary. Membership of species homo sapiens does not give a being the right to life. What does matter is the capacity for pain and suffering, self-consciousness, and the ability to see oneself over time – mothers do feel pain and they do suffer and can see their lives over time.

The only good thing about Donald Trump is he’s a never-ending source of entertainment for the media like this funny YouTube video from the Netherlands about him.

2 thoughts on “Robert Burns Night and Donald Trump”

  1. I share your feeling about Trump. In my wildest dreams, I never thought he would be elected. He is the most unqualified person to be President of the US. There is a lot of concern in Canada about what his Presidency will mean for trade relations, jobs, and economic growth here. I saw a recent survey that says 47% of Canadians believe he will be impeached in 2017.

  2. Thank you for sharing the Dutch video! I haven’t laughed very much since the election. For awhile, I was wondering if I was suffering from depression, until I noticed a lot of my friends had the same expression on their faces. Unless depression is contagious, I think a good number of us are not looking forward to the next four years. We in the US are not optimistic that Congress will try to impeach the Orange Crush, since the Republicans, DJT’s party, dominate both House and Senate and seem determined to support their boy, even if he leads them over a cliff. (That’s what I’m hoping for: him and the entire Republican party going down in flames after one stupid, disastrous act after another disillusions even the most ardent Dump fan.)

    I remember trying haggis at a Robert Burns’ party. Not a fan.

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