Thank you, America

The world is heaving a collective sigh of relief today. Thank you, America, for electing Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States.

We shouldn’t forget, however, that some 70 million Americans voted for Trump. As Peter Singer writes in Has America Lost its Soul? those 70 million people voted for someone who has said on 40 separate occasions that the virus causing covid would go away despite knowing otherwise. They voted for someone who doesn’t believe in climate change and who has not only embraced fossil fuels, but has reversed progress on renewable energy made under Barack Obama. They voted for someone who has paid no tax at all for the last 15 years and is therefore either a tax cheat or a terrible businessman. They voted for a narcissist, a serial liar, and a man who boasts of groping women. They voted for a man whose ethical compass is set only by how it can further his own personal interests. They voted for someone who separates children from their parents. Worst of all, they voted for someone who is prepared to do whatever it takes, including breaking the law, for his own personal gain.

Many of us around the world are shocked that so many voted for Trump but we should remember that people once also voted for Hitler. In 1932, the Nazies under Adolf Hitler won 37.3% of the popular vote. Similarly Mussolini was voted in by the people in 1924. That was the last election in Italy until 1946.

It’s good that we have diversity of opinion in politics and that there are opposing parties to keep the other side honest. But Donald Trump was in a different ball game. He was in it entirely for himself and for his own personal gain. He has no integrity, no honour, no ethical compass whatsoever. It will be a good day indeed when the world sees the back of Donald Trump.

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13 thoughts on “Thank you, America”

  1. The US election was a bit nail-biting there for a wee while. Thank goddess Trump has gone now, though. I’m not sure how the world would have coped with 4 more years of his destructiveness, especially as his presence seemed to encourage the rise of other abominable leaders. Although he’s blustering on about taking legal action, he’s become old news, and how that must gall a narcissist like him after 4 years of being all over it. It was astonishing, though, how many people still voted for him, especially amongst the Latin community.

    1. Wise move. I think we need to wait until January 21st when Donald Trump has official left the whitehouse before any official celebrations. He doesn’t appear to be accepting of defeat.

  2. Hate t’admit I’ve a cousin I disowned, lives in “Our Kansas” who’s so VERY racist, I’d bet good money on her voting f’ the ol’ fart. Still, got t’ get the bug’r out now, might need t’ get a fly swat’. 🦟

  3. You’re welcome, I think? I was happy to see Biden and Harris take their victory lap in Delaware, but as long as the Senate is held by the Republican Party, Trump’s gang of enablers, we won’t see much good done for a while. (It still blows my mind that Republicans see mask wearing and social distancing as political issues and not as basic public health science.) Californians are especially unhappy that rural conservative states with small, mostly white populations have as much power as our populous, racially diverse state, since they get two Senate seats just as we do. It will be an interesting face off; but meanwhile we’re scared the Dump will spend the next two months trying to create as much havoc as his pudgy little fingers can tweet. Heaven help my native land.

    1. I don’t really understand US politics and it does seem unfair that a minority get to decide the outcome. But at the same time I can see the sense in allowing minority groups have a say. I don’t know what the solution is. I’m just glad Biden was successful and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the orange man doesn’t do anything too destructive in the next couple of months.

  4. Agreed. I’m relieved, but there are so many, as you noted, that voted for him despite all of his many atrocities. It’s more than disturbing. Although my state of VA went blue, I live in a very “red” county, and feel like a lonely blue dot. There are at least 7 trump flags that are flying on my street. There’s a right wing militia in my county. So I’m a bit nervous about the potential for protests here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. That must be tough for you. It’s always hard when you feel you’re surrounded by hostile voices or just voices that differ from your own. But the fact your state went blue says at least that the majority of people, even if it’s a tiny majority, voted the same as you.

  5. I was so relieved. Over the past few years it seems as if the safest thing is to expect the worst. This seems like the first sane result for a while.

    1. Yes, I couldn’t believe it when he won four years ago. He just seemed like such a nincompoop and I thought people would prefer to vote for someone with some brains. I didn’t dare hope this time around in case I was disappointed. Of course, it’s not over yet so I’ll wait until the end of January before heaving a full sigh of relief.

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