You’ve Been Trumped!

Here’s my image for day three of the five-day blogging challenge.


The image is not mine. It’s the work of artist David McCue and is the poster for the film, You’ve Been Trumped, a documentary about Donald Trump’s development just north of Aberdeen.

I bought the DVD online and we watched it last night. I was interested because back in March we visited Balmedie Beach, where I went swimming, and I later discovered it is near the location of a controversial golf course development of Donald Trump’s.

This area of dunes just north of Aberdeen, including the piece of land now owned by Donald Trump, was known as a site of special scientific interest. According to this UK government site, Sites of special scientific interest (SSSIs) are protected by law to conserve their wildlife or geology. So how did Donald Trump manage to build hotels and a golf course there? He did it through harassment, bullying, intimidation, and a complete lack of concern for the environment and the people who live in the area. I sat through much of the film seething.

Planning permission for his proposal was rejected by the local authority, and rightly so, but overturned by Alex Salmond and the Scottish government. What were they thinking??? Trump pitched his development with the promise of jobs but his promise of 6000 jobs has turned into only 200. In the documentary they interview an economist at the London School of Economics who has a look at Trump’s estimates and concludes the Scottish government were duped by his figures.

At one point during construction of the golf course the local residents lose access to their water supply. A week without water goes by and journalist, Anthony Baxter, fronts up at the Trump golf course office to ask when the locals can expect to have their water turned back on. Answers are not forthcoming but what is forthcoming are the local police, who, rather than charging Donald Trump for harassment and intimidation, handcuff Anthony Baxter and throw him in jail for four hours. What for? He was asking questions which is what a journalist does: they ask questions. It was very concerning to watch. The police are supposed to be neutral and not pander to the needs of people with power and money.

It doesn’t stop there and I can feel my blood boiling now just thinking about it so perhaps I’ll leave it here and if you’re interested you can watch the film. It’s available for £15 at You’ve Been Trumped.

One of the things I enjoyed most about Balmedie, aside from swimming in the sea, was the natural beauty of the place; the undulating dunes, the beach, the plants, and the feeling of being out in the wilderness without having to go too far away from the city. There aren’t many of these places left any more and we should protect the few we have. There is no shortage of golf courses in Scotland. It didn’t need another. What is lost is now gone forever.

The trailer:

I’m going to nominate Lucile at to take up the five-day blogging challenge. Lucile takes thoughtful photographs and writes with depth about all sorts of interesting things.

The rules of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are:

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I was nominated by Geoff Le Pard  at TanGental.

17 responses to “You’ve Been Trumped!”

  1. I think Donald should start a series of hair salons for middle aged morons speciazing in cheesy combovers. He should name the salons, “Not Fooling Anyone….”

    1. That’s a very good name. He repeatedly said during the film that his development was going to be the best thing environmentally for Balmedie but didn’t say why or how he was going to make it environmentally friendly. He was basically talking out of his arse. Now he’s throwing all his energy into opposing an offshore wind farm in Scotland.

  2. I’d like to watch that film, so I’ve just bought it. Thanks for letting us know about it.

    1. Great! Let me know what you think of it.

  3. Wow! I had no idea he was building yet another golf destination there. Like we need them. Shame on the local government for not doing their due diligence.

    1. The local government refused planning permission but this was overturned by the Scottish government.

      1. Sorry. I understood that. By local I meant the Scottish governments. As much as I like the game, my mother taught me the game as a young boy, I have been torn with the elitist nature of the game. Thanks for drawing attention to this development 🙂

      2. Sorry. I understood that. By local I meant the Scottish governments. As much as I like the game, my mother taught me the game as a young boy, I have been torn with the elitist nature of the game. Thanks for drawing attention to this development 🙂

  4. I’d like to hack my way out of his hair with my mashie nibblick. If I played golf that is. Lovely post. Shame you have to share airspace with that grumphon

    1. I’m very disappointed with my adoptive country for allowing this. I thought the Scots were unimpressed with wealth.

      1. I thought they had sent him packing so I too was disappointed but sadly it does seem the dollar corrupts everywhere.

  5. You might like this, as well, and hosted on 🙂 #LongRead

    1. That’s really interesting. Thanks, Paul.

      The police in this case gave a half apology to the journalists for their arrest but there was no significant enquiry into why they were arrested in the first place or why the Trump organisation cut off the water supply of an 85 year old woman. It is all very disappointing and rather scary since I’ve always thought of the police as an organisation I could personally go to for help and not people we should fear.

      Anthony Baxter’s response to the police is here:
      Here’s an excerpt:

      “Rather than exercising any independent judgement, your efforts
      appear, as we feared from the start, to be another example of what
      seems to be an ongoing cover-up of an extraordinary misuse of
      police, and perhaps, state power.
      Let me put into plain English what we supposed you might be
      investigating – the unprecedented, forcible arrest of two journalists,
      who were enquiring into a story of significant public interest: the
      cutting off of water to local residents, including an 85-year-old
      woman, by the Trump Organisation.”

  6. Ones!? I’m sure the Donald is insulted. His ego would be better stroked by these, appropriate for a successfully concluded salmon(d) chase.

    (Trivia fans will be interested to know that those, along with three other denominations over $100, remain legal tender, although none have been printed since 1945 and since 1969 the Federal Reserve destroys any that fall into its clutches. Apparently all are now in museums or collections. I saw one of them, I think a $500, at a currency show when I was maybe 7.)

    Apropos of nothing, it just now occurs to me that AS avoids the standard nickname for Alexander.

    1. Donald Trump has since had a falling out with Alex Salmond. Trump is now opposing an offshore wind farm which will be visible from his hotel but in this case Salmond evidently wants the farm to go ahead.

  7. Trump declared bankruptcy three times in his businesses and his creditors bore the brunt of it and the American taxpayers had to bail him out – and now he has the nerve to try and run for President. He has no sense of honor, respect, or interest in doing what is right. Such Narcissism.

  8. […] this man president of the United States. However I’ve got the first movie on DVD (reviewed here) and we’ll definitely get this one when it comes […]

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