A letter for Donald Trump from my 9-year-old

Daniel wrote a letter to Donald Trump.


This letter is for Donald Trump.


Dear Mr Trump. Can you please give Molly her water back. Please.

This part is for Trump’s workers. Why did you listen to Trump and cut off her water and build a road. Why did you do it. Why why why why?

By the way please do something about climate change. Please.


Please give her water. Glass of water.

Why would people vote for someone who has cut off the water supply of a 92-year-old? If my 9-year-old can understand the importance of having clean drinking water, why can’t Donald Trump?

3 responses to “A letter for Donald Trump from my 9-year-old”

  1. Why indeed? But your daughter puts our president to be to shame with her courtesy (she said “please” four times!) and clear-eyed candor. Maybe we should consider her as a future candidate who could probably kick Trump to the curb. 🙂

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