Phones calls, traffic, the bridge and beards

Daniel, who is 7 years old, got his first phone call the other day. I answered the phone and heard a young boy politely introduce himself and then ask to speak to Daniel. Completely stunned, I handed the phone to Daniel who was just as surprised as I was and then I heard them discuss… Continue reading Phones calls, traffic, the bridge and beards

More on sock puppets

I have mentioned sock puppets on my blog before and am bringing them up again now because we found one recently on the AndThenTheresPhysics blog. For those who do not know what a sock puppet is, I'll recap. It's a fake online identity created for the purpose of making comments or reviews online to give… Continue reading More on sock puppets


Droplets falling absent laughter absent joy emptiness, estrangement, loneliness, death A parasite has sapped my soul my stems wither from non-use fakery abounds in a sea of featureless suburbia intimacy downtrodden by concrete and metal on wheels the death of passion and so the droplets fall

What does it mean to be Australian?

I read an article in The New Yorker recently by William Finnegan called, The Miner's Daughter. It's about Gina Rinehart, the world's richest woman. This post isn't going to be about her though but about what it means to me to be Australian, and I think Gina Rinehart is the antithesis of it. Finnegan made… Continue reading What does it mean to be Australian?

State schooling in the UK

I thought I would write about my experiences with the UK state schooling system now that Daniel has been at school here for a good three months. Note that my experience relates to just one school in the UK which may or may not be representative of others but I think it's still worth talking… Continue reading State schooling in the UK

It’s not easy being PM

Tony Abbott is having a tough time. The Indonesians are not doing what they are told, the people smugglers are not doing what they are told and the weather is not doing what it is told. The president of Indonesia, has been tweeting his disappointment with Tony Abbott. International relations with Indonesia… Continue reading It’s not easy being PM

Memories of World War II: an interview with my grandfather

Last week I asked my father about my grandfather's wartime experience since it was Remembrance Day and I had been thinking about it. He sent me an interview which my cousin, Lyle Shelton, had conducted with Pa in the years before he died. It's fascinating reading and so I'm going to put it on my… Continue reading Memories of World War II: an interview with my grandfather

Cycling, naughty words and vegetarian biscuits

I have had a couple of flat tyres on my bike recently. It is very annoying when this happens because it is almost always when I am cycling or about to go cycling. What it has made me realise is how much I prefer cycling to walking and running because what usually happens is that… Continue reading Cycling, naughty words and vegetarian biscuits

Russell Brand on voting | Halloween festivities

Russell Brand is guest editor for The New Statesmen and he's written a surprisingly good essay about, what exactly is hard to say, but I would say it's a sort of Russell Brand philosophy of everything. You can read it here - Russell Brand on revolution. It is very long but well worth reading. Here's… Continue reading Russell Brand on voting | Halloween festivities

Online shopping in the UK

Yesterday I ordered some groceries online. I thought I had ordered 1kg of carrots and 1kg of bananas. ¬†What I got instead was a single carrot in a bag and a single banana in another bag. This is one of the pitfalls of online grocery shopping. Don't get me wrong here though, I absolutely adore… Continue reading Online shopping in the UK

Bushy beaver or prepubescent pube?

There's a disturbing trend going on in the female body hair department and this is towards less hair down there. Women go to a salon where they spread their legs for a stranger who smears hot wax nail-bitingly close to important bits, strips of cloth are applied and then the whole lot gets ripped off.… Continue reading Bushy beaver or prepubescent pube?

Women and scientists threats to society

Australian politics has become so extreme that it is now bordering on funny. Australians have shamelessly elected someone who not only thinks coal and cars are king but who also inexplicably once said, I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number… Continue reading Women and scientists threats to society