Apps for kids

Every now and again I’ll let the kids get a paid app each for the iPad. That day is today and it hasn’t turned out so well. Elizabeth ended up in tears because the game she wants does not exist. She wants a Sim city type game where you have to solve maths problems before you can build stuff. There should be a game that does this but I can’t find one. It sounds like a great idea. Daniel on the other hand wants a goat simulator game that involves putting goats and other animals through farm equipment that rips them to shreds and other horrific violence and so I said no. Now what?

I accompanied Daniel’s class on an excursion to the Apple Store today. The whole class got to go and play with iPads for a couple of hours and they loved it. They made an advertisement using iMovie. Apple handed out a bunch of iPad minis and off they went and did their thing. It’s one of their free learning programmes for kids.


4 Replies to “Apps for kids”

  1. Two apps I use with my granddaughter are iMovie and a stop frame animation one. Such fun doing stuff together. There are a couple of free stop frame apps which work well.

  2. Oh no, Daniel! There are many cool games that doesn’t involve violence. I am even surprised they are allowing such a horrific games in the App Store, esp in the kids zone!
    Hopefully Elizabeth finds something else she likes.

    Wow, Aberdeen has Apple Store! Auckland doesn’t have one. You are lucky for one more reason.

  3. I love Elizabeth’s idea.
    One of my friends posted a picture of a Little Professor from the 80s the other day. I always wanted one but didn’t have one. In those days it was easier to keep kids happy – just the maths part and no need to attach a SIM city bit to the end of it, the kid would be just as happy.
    She might be able to do a Professor Layton game with help.

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