Being an atheist doesn’t necessarily mean you’re rational

I watched this terrific Potholer54 YouTube video last night before bed and it was very funny in the typical Potholer style and quite scathing and derogatory. Potholer54 is the YouTube handle for a British science journalist who produces a series of videos debunking nonsense on the internet. I think it was he who used the phrase – “Science is not a pick-n-mix” – to describe how people choose which science to believe and dismiss based on their beliefs. Why do some people accept the science of vaccinations but reject the science of climate change? Or why do some accept the science of vaccinations but reject the science of evolution? Why do people reject evidence in favour of conspiracy theories? It’s very strange and unfortunately widespread. You can feel how frustrated Potholer is as you watch the video and it is understandably frustrating especially when the nonsense is spread using technology that depends on the very science some of these people choose to reject.