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  • Blog statistics

    Something I love to do is read my blog statistics, which give me information about the people who read my blog, like which country they come from, what links they clicked and how they got to my blog in the first place. How they got here is my favourite part. If they landed on my […]

  • Bare feet are for cavemen

    Bare feet are for cavemen

    I’ve noticed a change in the weather this week. The nights have become cooler and suddenly, I’m sleeping really well. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. I can wear jeans again and I love jeans. I could live permanently in jeans. The best thing though, is that I can wear my socks and slippers once more. […]

  • Am I more like Amy or Penny?

    Ben and I are devoted fans of the American sitcom, Big Bang Theory. There are two female characters in the show  – Penny and Amy – and I have been wondering who I’m most like. Penny is the fun, cool, beautiful, man-magnet, actress-wannabe who works in a cafe. Amy is the nerdy, insecure, intelligent, neurobiologist […]

  • My unsolicited advice – read at your own risk

    To pregnant women: Take the epidural. Ask for it early. It’s called labour for a reason. To Wellingtonians: Leave while you still can. No city in the world is worth the disaster that awaits yours. To parents of babies: Comfort your crying baby. You’d want nothing less for yourself as an adult. If they don’t […]

  • Monkey in a rocket

    I feel sad today. A photo I saw this morning is to blame. It’s the widely publicized photo of a wretched monkey, restrained and sent into space in a rocket by the country of Iran. All the media articles I’ve read talk about fears that Iran may now possess the technical know-how to fire missiles […]

  • How to save the world by bicycle

    I have a solution for all of society’s ills. It involves getting fat arses out of cars and onto bicycles. If I were Prime Minister, I’d redirect our colossal spending on roads and motorways to spending on cycling infrastructure instead. When I say cycling infrastructure, I don’t mean painted lines on roads or share-and-care footpaths, […]

  • Rat family in compost

    I was doing some gardening this week when I found four baby rats living in our compost bin. Mum was no-where to be found. Their eyes were still closed and the only movements they could manage were little wriggles so I’m guessing they were less than 2 weeks old. We toyed with the idea of drowning […]

  • A very expensive cotton bud

    I’ve been having some issues with my hair colour. Ever since I bleached it, I’ve had problems with tinges of green. Yesterday I decided to colour it red to hide the green. This worked well except that I didn’t really like the red. So today, I bleached it again and now the very top of […]

  • Donate to SAFE!

    It’s the SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation) annual appeal today and tomorrow and Freud and I volunteered to collect for two hours this morning. I put my hand up a couple of months ago for this and figured that since it was going to be on the 21st December, 2012, that the world would be over and […]

  • How are you?

    This is an interesting question because it is often asked without a genuine desire to hear a truthful answer. Most people expect a “fine, thank you”, response. But if you’re feeling miserable and you answer ” fine, thanks”, then this is a lie. And why bother asking a question if you already know the answer? […]

  • What to do about a sore neck?

    For the past few months, I’ve had a sore neck. The pain was just on one side of the neck (right side) and spread down into my shoulder and the upper quadrant of my back on that side only. It wasn’t debilitating, but always there and so irritating. The pain in my back and shoulder […]

  • Insomnia

    It’s Halloween today and I’m a zombie. Not because I’ve got blood dripping from my mouth but because this past week I’ve had the worst insomnia I’ve ever known. Last night I slept briefly for a time between the hours of 4am and 6am. The rest of the time was spent twiddling my thumbs and […]

  • The need for control

    When you don’t like where you live but there’s little you can do about it, there’s only one thing to do…and that is, colour your hair. This creates a feeling of having some control over your life, when in reality, you have none. So it was with this thought that I decided to ditch the […]

  • Culture clash

    New Zealanders are moving to Australia in droves. The job market here is poor and salaries are low, so it’s a fair assumption that they’re moving to Australia in order to pay the bills. Sometimes New Zealanders move to Australia and become famous. Sometimes the Australian media dares to suggest that these “famous” Kiwis are […]

  • Opshopping

    I had a great trip to the opshop this morning with a fellow opshopper here in Auckland: the very lovely Pascale. I got this gorgeous, 100% silk top by Gail Elliot – Little Joe New York – for $8. Ok, so my amateur photo doesn’t really do it justice and it needs an iron, but […]

  • The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat

    I’m currently reading a fabulous book called “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat” by Oliver Sacks. It uses a case-study approach to document the lives of patients with various neurological disorders. I started reading it because one of the case studies is that of a patient called “witty, ticcy Ray” who suffers […]

  • On old age and misery

    Today I looked in the mirror and saw a long black hair in my nose. I know that nose hair has an important role to play but I thought it was something that was only visible in old men? Am I turning into an old man? Something happens once you pass the age of 35: […]

  • Brewery tour for $10 and Collette Dinnigan for $6

    Ben is home. Hooray! He had a very productive trip in the Black Forest region of Germany. It wasn’t all work though. On one day, he took some time off to visit a German brewery. For the paltry sum of NZ$10, he got a tour of the brewery, two cups of beer and this handsome […]

  • An unimportant job?

    Someone told me this week that I should get a job. Haven’t I got a job already? Is looking after one’s children considered so worthless by society that it’s not even recognized as being a valuable occupation? Sometimes I think about looking for paid work because I want the money, not because I don’t like […]

  • In possession of one iphone 4s

    I have an iphone! …and as you can see, I’m very happy about it. Now I can ditch my suddenly very old-fashioned Nokia phone. It is very timely because in upgrading Xcode (the Apple development environment), I have rendered my old ipod obsolete and it is no longer recognised. So I would not be able […]