I am profoundly disappointed with the election result this morning. The Conservatives under Boris Johnson lack integrity and honesty. Apparently, nearly 90% of their Facebook ads were found to be misleading. During one of the TV debates, the Conservatives rebranded their Twitter account to factcheckUK. There is already an independent fact-checking charity with the Twitter… Continue reading Despair

Boris, Actually

Boris Johnson has released a campaign video that parodies the film Love, Actually. It's quite clever and I give kudos to their marketing team for it. However, it has sparked a huge number of responses on Twitter, some of which are very funny.


Since we moved to the UK we have participated in so many elections. We narrowly missed the independence referendum in Scotland in 2014 but since then we've had two general elections, several council elections and European elections, and a Brexit referendum. This week there's a council by-election in our electorate and next month there's another… Continue reading Electionmania

Love your greens

I had an epiphany this week. When suggesting a vegan diet to someone to reverse heart disease they responded by saying my vegan diet is more to do with animal rights than cholesterol, therefore, it's not relevant to them. However, my motives are irrelevant especially since I don't have heart disease. It's like refusing morphine after… Continue reading Love your greens

We did not reckon with the power that coal has upon Australian hearts

I'm still so depressed about the Australian election result. It's Donald Trump all over again only worse because this time it's the country I grew up in and the people I know voting for tax cuts in favour of clean air; tax cuts in favour of halting the warming planet; tax cuts in favour of… Continue reading We did not reckon with the power that coal has upon Australian hearts

Australia needs a new gig

January 2019 was Australia's hottest January on record. March was its hottest March on record. February was its 5th hottest February. 2018 was its third hottest year on record. The temperature records are tumbling with no signs of abating and yet Australians yesterday voted for a party who want to build one of the largest… Continue reading Australia needs a new gig

Who is the bigger nincompoop?

Theresa May and Labour's Diane Abbott seem to be competing for the biggest nincompoop award in this election campaign. I think Diane Abbott is slightly more incompetent than Theresa May and even worse is that she's the shadow home secretary during a campaign with two terrorist attacks. The home secretary is the person responsible for… Continue reading Who is the bigger nincompoop?

The pen is mightier than the sword

Wars are not necessarily won by the army with the biggest guns, although I don't doubt it helps. They are won by the side that makes clever decisions and has an intelligent population supporting them. It is said that Britain was able to defeat Germany in WWII thanks in large part to the mathematicians at Bletchley… Continue reading The pen is mightier than the sword

Who should I vote for?

Since we moved to the UK in 2014 I have voted in four elections: a general election, a Brexit referendum, a council election, a Scottish parliamentary election, and another general election next month will make five. We also narrowly missed out on voting in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 by just two weeks. I'm… Continue reading Who should I vote for?

Some light in the darkness

Donald Trump has won the election. It's an understatement to say I'm shocked. The majority have voted for a man who leads by bullying, fear, and intimidation. We can kiss the climate good bye - it was nice knowing you, planet, but we don't care about future generations after all, it seems. We are impressed by wealth… Continue reading Some light in the darkness

You’ve Been Trumped Too

Here's the trailer for the You've Been Trumped Too documentary about Donald Trump. The full documentary was screened on Facebook on Thursday night after a crowd-sourced funding campaign. I didn't see it because it was at a time suited for Americans which makes sense since they're about to decide whether to make this man president… Continue reading You’ve Been Trumped Too

A rant about human rights and trying to see a doctor

It must be time for a rant. I haven't had one for a while and things build up. Apparently the recently re-elected conservative government in the UK has plans to scrap the Human Rights Act. Why would they want to do that? It's sort of like saying, "Let's scrap the right to vote for women.… Continue reading A rant about human rights and trying to see a doctor

An election, rtfm, and other matters

There's a general election tomorrow in case anyone hadn't noticed and somewhat surprisingly, I am allowed to vote. This is because I'm a Commonwealth citizen. Some people are not very happy about this. A friend of mine here is Dutch and although he has lived in the UK for 17 years, he is not allowed… Continue reading An election, rtfm, and other matters

Congratulations to John Key

New Zealand's centre-right National party won by a landslide last night granting a third term to John Key. This is apparently an unprecedented result because often support starts to wane for a leader by the third term but he has more support now than in the previous election. I did not vote for him. I… Continue reading Congratulations to John Key

What’s a country?

We're planning to attend the people's climate march in Auckland tomorrow despite having lots of other things to do like an open home to prepare for. I told the kids about it this afternoon and Daniel's response was: "How long will it take? Will I still get some Minecraft mods tomorrow?" 🙂 The recent Scottish referendum… Continue reading What’s a country?