An election, rtfm, and other matters

There’s a general election tomorrow in case anyone hadn’t noticed and somewhat surprisingly, I am allowed to vote. This is because I’m a Commonwealth citizen. Some people are not very happy about this. A friend of mine here is Dutch and although he has lived in the UK for 17 years, he is not allowed to vote. I think he is a bit miffed that I can. It does seem a bit unfair, I do agree, however I am grateful to have the opportunity to vote and I will be voting.

Now I have a confession to make. I have been in contact with the co-wheels car people and it seems there was nothing wrong with the car last Saturday and I am just incompetent. There is indeed an immobiliser which kicks in if the car is not started within a few minutes of unlocking it. When I first discovered this I convinced myself that their communication was poor and they should have made this clear to all new members. Then I went back and had a look at the pamphlet they posted out when I first joined up. In the troubleshooting section at the end it says: “I am in the car but the ignition will not start: The immobiliser will kick in after a few minutes of presenting your card on the reader ….”.

On other matters, Elizabeth told Ben to fuck off the other day.