An election, rtfm, and other matters

There’s a general election tomorrow in case anyone hadn’t noticed and somewhat surprisingly, I am allowed to vote. This is because I’m a Commonwealth citizen. Some people are not very happy about this. A friend of mine here is Dutch and although he has lived in the UK for 17 years, he is not allowed to vote. I think he is a bit miffed that I can. It does seem a bit unfair, I do agree, however I am grateful to have the opportunity to vote and I will be voting.

Now I have a confession to make. I have been in contact with the co-wheels car people and it seems there was nothing wrong with the car last Saturday and I am just incompetent. There is indeed an immobiliser which kicks in if the car is not started within a few minutes of unlocking it. When I first discovered this I convinced myself that their communication was poor and they should have made this clear to all new members. Then I went back and had a look at the pamphlet they posted out when I first joined up. In the troubleshooting section at the end it says: “I am in the car but the ignition will not start: The immobiliser will kick in after a few minutes of presenting your card on the reader ….”.

On other matters, Elizabeth told Ben to fuck off the other day.

29 thoughts on “An election, rtfm, and other matters”

    1. Ben explained to Elizabeth that it was not a nice thing to say and that she shouldn’t tell people to fuck off. I’m guessing your wife didn’t respond with something similar 🙂

  1. Good to know that you can vote!

    It happens to all of us who try to figure things without reading the manual. I believe it is not a bad thing. We succeed most of the time but stumble once in a while. I think it is alright. Now you know for the next time.

    Sheesh! Wonder how kids pick up bad words so easily. I am waiting for the day my son will do that. I am not expecting he won’t use them.

  2. I expect SNP has your district locked up as it does most of Scotland, so feel free to vote Green!

      1. The Grauniad seems to think all of the Aberdeen-area seats are gone SNP. But feel free to vote Green anyway, as it seems to matter little in terms of survival of the Tories in government whether those seats are SNP or Labour.

    1. Yes, my seat was lost by Labour and went to SNP. I voted Labour as a tactical vote because I didn’t want Cameron to get another 5 years. A decade of Tories is too long but it’s looks like that’s exactly what will happen anyway.

    2. Oh and I meant to add that I didn’t vote Green for a few reasons. I don’t like their anti-GM and anti-nuclear stance. I don’t mind not having GM foods and nuclear power but I don’t like the hard-line anti- approach. My local Green’s candidate also works for oil and gas which just seems wrong. I know you are very much against GM foods but I am not. I am against the intimidation practices I have heard used by some in the industry but I am not against the technology. I read a good article recently about a pest-resistant variety of eggplant which is being grown in Bangladesh. The farmer no longer uses pesticides at all. I am supportive of this.

      1. Re nukes in the UK in particular, good luck. I especially like the mafia-worthy threat from the Cameron regime against Austria.

        Wll Hinkley C costs (ballooned from $10 billion pounds to $25 billion even before the lawsuit) show up on Scottish electricity bills? Me and other in northern Californians are still paying a monthly surcharge for a slight error (i.e. installing half the piping backwards) made over 30 years ago in the construction of our last remaining nukes at Diablo Canyon. Lasting gifts, those nukes.

        I’ve caught Lynas in some pretty flagrant misrepresentations in the past and so take his claims with a chunk of salt, but broadly speaking I’m less worried about GMO veggies than grains and pulses due to the quite different scales of cultivation. The zero pesticide claim is strange. This industry site claims significant reductions, but nothing like zero. So excuse me if I’d like a bit more evidence from Lynas than anecdotes. (Note that Monbiot writes the same sort of article, but puts a fully-referenced version on his website.)

        Also, be aware the Bt is far from a panacea. Speaking of grains, corn, in which Bt was first extensively incorporated, has started to see serious problems after just fifteen years or so of widespread use. Remember, these insects had already acquired considerable resistance to the pesticides previously relied on. There could be some very unpleasant synergies in store. If things come to a similar pass in Bangladesh, will those farmers receive the same degree of help that the ones in Iowa will? I seriously doubt it.

        Re the o+g candidate, I think you said a while back that the Aberdeen economy is highly dependent on the industry? That’s not going to end well.

  3. But was Elizabeth’s use of the term really appropriate in context? This educational video may come in handy.

  4. Not easy to own up when it wasn’t actually the car people’s fault – Good for you 🙂
    And I just love how Elizabeth’s language skills are blossoming!! 🙂

  5. I was once many years past at a works-family party – one of those balmy family days where food and drink flows in those long off not corporatey days. The boss asked my youngest (who was just 3 at the time) “where is your daddy?” and she replied “he’s pissed!” … He almost wet himself when he told me … “She has an incredible command of the vernacular”.

  6. ‘A friend of mine here is Dutch and although he has lived in the UK for 17 years, he is not allowed to vote.’

    Er, he’s either too stoned to know EU electoral law or he is not who he says he is.

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