I am profoundly disappointed with the election result this morning. The Conservatives under Boris Johnson lack integrity and honesty. Apparently, nearly 90% of their Facebook ads were found to be misleading. During one of the TV debates, the Conservatives rebranded their Twitter account to factcheckUK. There is already an independent fact-checking charity with the Twitter handle FullFact. The Conservatives do not get to fact check their own claims and pretending they are an independent charity is a gross betrayal of trust. Then this week, a senior Conservative politician falsely claimed that a Labour activist punched a Tory advisor. Video of the event proved this to be completely false but not before the story was run by the BBC. These are just some of the misdeeds committed by our government. Is it too much to ask for a government that is honest, kind, and has integrity?

I despair when I think of the leaders in the English speaking world right now. One is an inept, science-denying religious fanatic, another one is a criminal buffoon, and here we have a lying racist. I’ll let you figure out who is who.

The only silver lining is that my own electorate booted out the Conservative MP and voted SNP, thank goodness. I am beginning to understand why Scotland wants to be independent. Because Scotland gets what England votes for.

11 thoughts on “Despair”

  1. I wondered if you would post on this!
    I felt very sad when I saw the exit poll and so did most of my friends on Facebook.
    The only positive I can see is hoping a new leader will make the Labour party a viable opposition and the pendulum will swing the other way again. This must be the low point, surely?

  2. Sad. If I were a European country like Scotland, I would want to leave the UK, but with the UK leaving the EU, the price has become higher. A land border will rip communities apart and be bad for the economy.

    “One is an inept, science-denying religious fanatic, another one is a criminal buffoon, and here we have a lying racist. I’ll let you figure out who is who.”

    Part of the puzzle is easy. You cannot accuse Trump of having any affinity to religion and he talks like a mob boss about people cooperating with law enforcement.

    1. Yes, there’ll be new difficulties with a hard border between Scotland and England. Right now I find myself in favour of it though.

      The inept, science-denying religious fanatic is Scott Morrison, Australia’s PM. I actually think Boris is the best of these three but the bar is low.

  3. I was frankly astonished when I saw the results of the election. It’s hard to believe so many Britons think Johnson will be an effective leader: but then, I had a hard time accepting the results of the 2016 election here. Even though Trump didn’t receive the popular vote, America’s antiquated Electoral College gave him the presidency and the disaster we have today. I hope that the UK won’t be destroyed by short sighted political decisions made in 2020.

    1. It is astonishing. The papers here have relentlessly hounded Jeremy Corbyn for several years now. I read some feedback from a Tory voter in the paper today who said she voted Tory because she didn’t like the Labour party’s alleged antisemitism. When asked about what she thought of the Tory party’s Islamaphobia she said she hadn’t seen it. Amazing! It’s such a double standard.

      I do think Boris is on a different playing field to Trump though who is a complete moron. Boris is no dummy.

      Nicola Sturgeon is the true winner. She’s the leader of the Scottish National Party and an impressive and strong woman. If only she had been in the running as prime minister I think the rest of the country could have voted for her but she was only an option in Scotland.

  4. In the movie The Great Hack (on Netflix), it theorises that the rise of right wing – and ultra-right wing – governments around the world is due to the very thing that got Trump into power, i.e. data-mining and bombing the media with fake news about the opposition. It’s becoming a popular tactic, and the leader of our own National Party here in NZ, went to Australia to get lessons on doing that, after losing the election here. The Australian Prime Minister (the inept, science-denying, religious fanatic) got to power on these tactics, when it was thought that him winning the election was impossible. If you haven’t yet watched The Great Hack, do so – it is so illuminating. You’ll be gob-smacked, but get a good understanding of how this latest type of corruption works.

    1. I hadn’t heard of The Great Hack but I can see it on Netflix so we’ll definitely watch it. It sounds like my kind of documentary even though I know I will be horrified.

  5. I am only feeling better about the leaders in the English speaking world right now because I have seen and read about magnitudes worse things with the leaders in the third world 😀

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