I am profoundly disappointed with the election result this morning. The Conservatives under Boris Johnson lack integrity and honesty. Apparently, nearly 90% of their Facebook ads were found to be misleading. During one of the TV debates, the Conservatives rebranded their Twitter account to factcheckUK. There is already an independent fact-checking charity with the Twitter handle FullFact. The Conservatives do not get to fact check their own claims and pretending they are an independent charity is a gross betrayal of trust. Then this week, a senior Conservative politician falsely claimed that a Labour activist punched a Tory advisor. Video of the event proved this to be completely false but not before the story was run by the BBC. These are just some of the misdeeds committed by our government. Is it too much to ask for a government that is honest, kind, and has integrity?

I despair when I think of the leaders in the English speaking world right now. One is an inept, science-denying religious fanatic, another one is a criminal buffoon, and here we have a lying racist. I’ll let you figure out who is who.

The only silver lining is that my own electorate booted out the Conservative MP and voted SNP, thank goodness. I am beginning to understand why Scotland wants to be independent. Because Scotland gets what England votes for.